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Evidence vs. Ignorance

One of the ways to determine the honesty of someone is by the way they act toward evidence.

Texas Officials Continue Coverup of One Possible Wrongful Execution; Fight To Proceed With Another

This is a case that makes it clear that the prosecutors have no interest in finding out of they are convicting the right people. They only care that they convict someone – even if there isn’t good evidence that a crime was committed.

The striking thing about both cases is that Texas government officials are staking out a position of ignorance. That is, they don’t want to know if either man is innocent.

. . . .

In the Skinner case they’re fighting a DNA test—which Skinner’s attorneys have offered to pay for themselves—that if prosecutors are correct would undeniably establish Skinner’s guilt. But there’s a chance it could implicate someone else, or complicate their case against Skinner. So they’d rather not test.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Texas District Attorney Lynn Switzer, Navarro County District Attorney R. Lowell Thompson should be the ones being convicted for their reckless indifference to whether they are killing innocent people. We can argue for or against the death penalty, and these are both death penalty cases, but if we are going to kill people, we do need to make sure that we are killing the right people.

These three vermin don’t care if there was a crime actually committed or if their actions will make them accomplices to murder by covering up the crime for the real killer.

How do you get elected to a law and order position by locking up the wrong people and helping murderers?

Maybe it would be better to just execute people by lottery than to let these 3 make a living killing people and protecting the real criminals.



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