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Who Owns the Patient? – Part I

This week on EMS Office Hours, Jim Hoffman, Josh Knapp, and I discuss the many conflicts over who is in charge on scene.[1]

Who is in charge?








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Or is the patient the one who is really in charge and we just work for the patient?

Too much of what we do is about who gets to make all of the decisions, rather than about how wee can cooperate to do what is best for the patient.

Why is it so hard to cooperate when we are all supposed to be on the same side?

Why is it so hard to trust other people to do what is right?

Why should anyone else trust us to do what is right, if we cannot play well with others on scene?

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[1] Playing In The Sandbox While Focusing On The Mission
April 25, 2012
by Jim Hoffman
EMS Office Hours
Podcast page


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