Without evidence of benefit, an intervention should not be presumed to be beneficial or safe.

- Rogue Medic

Failure to communicate

Gertrude at Ridin’ The Bus has some interesting comments about OLMC (On Line Medical Command), one of my favorites, in Failure to communicate.

I like it.

Well, Gertrude seems to have similar sentiments about OLMC and Medic X and throws in a reference to Cool Hand Luke. What’s not to like?

I do need to gather some research on this and find a way to present it properly, but the problems she discusses have been documented in some of the research on OLMC.

There is even a suggestion of medics using critical judgment. She must be a Witch! 🙂

Somehow, I managed to come up with a few words of my own on OLMC here:

OLMC (On Line Medical Command) Requirements Delenda Est

OLMC for President!

OLMC = The Used Car Dealers of EMS?

OLMC For Good Medics

Fun with explosives – NTG.



  1. She’s a WITCH!!! Thanks for words. I am curious to see what you come up with in your research. If I could have figured out how to link into your posts when I wrote that I would have.

  2. I like your post. I do not know how to link posts, but I think you need to enable linking in the blogger set up. “She turned me into a newt.””I got better.”

  3. “Burn her anyway!” Holy Grail is my favorite. I was going to leave you a comment in response to the EMERGENCY comment. But it turned into a post instead. Mostly about our end of the radio traffic. It is late here, I hope it makes a little sense. LOL