Without evidence of benefit, an intervention should not be presumed to be beneficial or safe.

- Rogue Medic

Win Ben Stein’s Mind – Roger Ebert Review

While on the subject of false scientific controversies and movie stars, or at least movies, I might as well throw in a movie review.

I have not read many impressive movie reviews. The current review of eXpelled deserves attention. Previously, my favorite review was of True Romance. It was short and to the point, the review, not the movie. I do not remember who wrote the review, or the exact wording, but this was essentially the review – The best way to describe this movie is to tell you that Dennis Hopper is in it and that he plays the most normal character in the movie.

I am not likely to ever see eXpelled. I had thought about it as blog fodder, but Roger Ebert has done a much better job than I could in his review, Win Ben Stein’s Mind. I am impressed with the job that Roger Ebert does in explaining the mathematical material that is misrepresented by Creationists. Roger Ebert’s Journal is not something I had read before, but it was linked at Respectful Insolence with Best review of Expelled! ever?

The cartoon at the end is excellent. If you do not read the piece, at least go to the review, scroll down to the end, and read the cartoon.

One criticism. Ebert points to a number, 99.975%, as the percentage of scientists who accept the theory of evolution as true, but he does not give any source for this information. I do not know how this number was obtained. I do not see what might have been done to limit responses to those well versed in the science of evolution. What is a scientist and why approach this as if all scientists are equal in answer questions about evolution? While the number is impressive, it would not be proof of anything, except agreement among scientists. He does state, in the comments, that this is not proof, but just suggests support for evolution.

Mule Breath also writes about this false scientific controversy in Flat Earth 101. I suspect that he is just getting warmed up with this post.

There is much to write about this scientific religious controversy, the financial crisis, global warming, and just the inability of people to understand the scale of really large numbers.