Without evidence of benefit, an intervention should not be presumed to be beneficial or safe.

- Rogue Medic

The Recent Economy as a Bad Relationship

Act I – The seduction. Everyone is willing and eager to overlook a lot in their haste to give that luscious banker what she wants.

Act II – The pregnancy. How did that happen? Reckless irresponsible loans are a bad thing?

ACT III – The shotgun wedding. This will be a merger beneficial to both parties. For a mere $700 Billion you can buy a part of the family business.

Act IV – The divorce. I can’t believe that she didn’t change her ways.

Act V – The alimony. The realization that printing all of that Monopoly money was going to lead to inflation. That would never happen here. That only happens to other countries. Everybody trusts the US Treasury – the most dependable institution in the world. Of course, when you behave as the treasury has been behaving, sometimes you just end up in prison, or . . .

Chapter 11 – The dénouement. What happens in this charming tale of lust, seduction, more lust, betrayal, theft, and redemption?

But if there is a default on the loans, there will be no possibility of redemption.