Without evidence of benefit, an intervention should not be presumed to be beneficial or safe.

- Rogue Medic

MSP Aviation vs Everybody Else

Everybody Else.

MSP Aviation.

One or more Pilots.

Only one Pilot.

Two or more Medics.

Only one Medic.

Excellent care en route.

The ride is free, the
Medic is doing all
he can, give him a
break and remember
the ride is free – sort of.

Usually the closest
helicopter is sent.

We have to send our
helicopters all over the
place to encourage
political support – do
you have any idea how
expensive this program
is and how many people
need to get their cut?

Medical Specialists on board.

I do Paramedic,
Homeland Security,
Law Enforcement,
Search And Rescue,
and anything else
they dream up,
such as flying
politicians around
to sell the program –
I forget,
what am I doing Today?

Fast, high quality care.

As long as we are fast,
who cares if there is any quality?

The same as the rest of your
medical care, it isn’t free.

The only way we can get away
with such mismanagement is by
telling people it is free.
It isn’t free – everybody pays
in their taxes.

For profit or non-profit.

One quarter billion dollars
just to replace the fleet of
outdated helicopters using
their foolishly optimistic
current estimates.

Does nothing to keep local
EMS from improving quality.

Forget your local EMS,
all the money comes to us.
The worse local EMS is,
the more often
they will fly patients.

Local EMS could be dramatically
improved with this money
– good for everybody.

Screw local EMS –
the money is ours!

MSP Aviation has fought every bit of progress. They have resisted improving patient care. This opposition to bills to improve EMS is just more of the same.