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FBI Most Wanted List Addition – Domestic Terrorist

Should be Considered Armed and Dangerous.

The FBI is offering a reward of up to $250,000 for information leading directly to the arrest of Daniel Andreas San Diego.

An animal rights extremist wanted for allegedly bombing two San Francisco-area office buildings in 2003 has been added to our Most Wanted Terrorists list—the first domestic terrorist to be included with international terrorists such as Usama Bin Laden.

Daniel Andreas San Diego, 31, should be considered armed and dangerous. His domestic acts of terror were planned to destroy property, to cause economic hardship for the companies he targeted, and possibly to take lives—one of his bombs was laced with nails to create potentially deadly shrapnel. We are offering a reward of up to $250,000 for information directly leading to his arrest.[1]

Farther down they state:

The first bombing occurred on August 28, 2003, outside Chiron Life Science Center in Emeryville, California. When authorities responded, a second bomb was discovered, but exploded before it could be disarmed, raising the possibility that the device was planted specifically to target first responders.[1]

Bombs wrapped in nails. One did not go off until after first responders arrived?

We should probably assume that it was just an accident. He didn’t mean to hurt anybody. He is only protecting animals. After all, bombs send a message of piece – a piece here, a piece there PEACE.

He may be celebrating Earth Day by blowing something up.

Seems as if this guy has studied the methods of other terrorists and wants to kill as many people as possible. Destroy, maim, Kill – no mercy until you get what you want. These groups value animal lives above human lives. They are not interested in just peaceful political means of convincing you, although they do try to convince you that they are peaceful.

The goal of terrorism is Terror.

Some of the research I cite in my posts is animal research. While it would be nice to not use animals in research, there are some things about toxicity that you cannot learn from a computer model. There are some things that you do not want learned by experimentation on people. At least, not until after some semblance of safety has been established with animals. Maybe he will target my blog. Here terrorist, terrorist, terrorist.

Some of what I eat is from animals that have been killed to feed me. Some of what I wear, belt and boots, is from the hide of an animal that was killed to clothe me. When I had a motorcycle, OK more than one, I wore leathers to protect me from leaving my skin on the pavement. I don’t want to be the one killing the animals, but I do not deny where the food and clothing come from. I do not deny that there are animals killed to do research.

I wonder what people who actually do take care of animals think about all of these animals first organizations. Ambulance Driver points out that they are mostly just a bunch of boobs. Actually, he is a bit more forceful than that. since it is too short to clip just a sample, here is his entire post[2]:

Subversive Thought Of The Week…

…simply because I despise sanctimony in its varied forms…

PETA has killed far more dogs than Michael Vick.

Compared to these [finger quotes] animal rights activists [/finger quotes], he’s a piker.

Ambulance Driver is no stranger to animals, since he trains dogs (in addition to being a paramedic, instructor, blogger, author, lecturer, gun enthusiast, father, and all around lazy guy). No, he doesn’t train dogs to fight. He trains dogs because he loves working with dogs.

That is a conservative point of view. What about liberal people from the research community? Surely they must support terrorism to protect animals. Drug Monkey has similar sentiments, expressed with a few more paragraphs of information.

This is a great and very welcome step in the PR game with respect to Animal Rights Activist wackanut terrorism. After all, placing on the Most Wanted list…does that really change how hard the US and international authorities are looking? What it most certainly does do is raise the public recognition and understanding of Animal Rights terrorism, who these people really are and what is being supported when they send their money to PETA and the HSUS (which is not your local Humane Society, as much as they’d like you to think that they are). Perhaps it can open the eyes of celebrities who support, perhaps unknowingly, these Luddite, anti-science, fringe element activities.[3]

Also, today is the day for Pro-Test @UCLA. This is a rally in support of animal research. It is a non-violent rally, unless somebody from one of the animal protection organizations plants a bomb, or engages in some other terrorism.

These animal rights organizations are not much different from Theodore Kaczynski[4], the friendly neighborhood Unabomber.

Do not donate money to organizations that support terrorism, just because they have people who look good naked, or have cute pictures of kittens, or because they make you feel guilty about some poor little animal. They are only taking your money. They are not making things better. Lolcats is cheaper and more humane. PETA – People for the Unethical Treatment of Humans is just the most visible of these[5]. The Humane Society of the United States is not far behind in misuse of money[6], [7]. And then there is the ALF, not a mannequin from Melmac, but the most activist of these organizations. Terrorists just aren’t nice people. Supporting terrorists is not nice, either.


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