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OHP Trooper Update II

Some further news from STATter911. OHP has completed its investigation. Maybe they will share the results, but don’t hold your breath. This video claims that there was an earlier scuffle between the trooper and the medic.

Of course, without releasing the dashboard cam recording, we can only continue to guess about what it might show. Why does OHP still withhold this recording if it provides anything that might improve their image? Right now, OHP probably has an approval rating about the same as subprime mortgage brokers, so they really can’t have much to lose.

I was originally surprised to see the behavior of the trooper on the cell phone video, but could the dashboard cam shows something worse?

Maybe the video recording is not the problem, but the audio recording is not what they want to be released?

As I stated, we can only speculate, but is that in any way good for the image of OHP?

OHP needs to demonstrate some responsibility and act as if they don’t panic at the sight of bad news. Maybe tomorrow?

This video has interviews with trooper Martin and paramedic White, so it is interesting.

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