Without evidence of benefit, an intervention should not be presumed to be beneficial or safe.

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OHP Trooper Update III

Some more information. Apparently there will be no charges against either the trooper or the medic.

The dashboard cam shows that the approach of the trooper was not as described by EMS. He was not tailgating the ambulance with the siren off.

The car in front of the ambulance pulls over and lets the ambulance pass. Was that car responding to the approaching sirens? That is the way it seems to me, but maybe the ambulance has the wig-wags on (alternating each headlight on and off).

The medic had stated in the video of his interview that his partner could not possibly have flipped the trooper the bird. I have not seen the interior of this ambulance, but if I am in the back providing care for a patient, I will not be able to tell. Ambulances are not designed to provide that kind of view.

When the trooper stops the ambulance, they are already driving on the shoulder long before the trooper gets to them, even though the trooper is not using the siren this time.

Why is he pulling over the ambulance now for something that can be handled at the hospital, assuming there is anything to be handled?

If the basic EMT did give OHP the New York salute, why did the trooper decide that this is the time to do something about it? Are relations between these departments that bad? Is he that sensitive? Is he upset about being treated this way in front of his wife?

The word I used in the first post is even more obvious in its absence in this video – de-escalation.

Should the trooper have stopped the ambulance?

If he did not know that there was a patient on board, as soon as he realized that there was a patient on board, he should have stated that he will follow them to the hospital and not bring this up until after patient care is transferred to the nurses/doctors at the hospital.

When it is pointed out to him that they are transporting a patient, he keeps saying, You’re not running Code. This same sentiment has been expressed by some EMS people commenting on the original video.

Using the lights and sirens has very little to do with patient care. Any state/region requirements to use lights and sirens for certain patients is just an example of people who do not understand EMS. The decision to use lights and/or sirens is up to the person providing care.

Just because the lights and sirens are not being used does not mean that the patient has nothing better to do.

Later, the trooper opens the door to the back of the ambulance and tells the patient, Ma’am, we’re going to get you to the hospital quickly. At the same time he has stated to the basic EMT partner that he is going to arrest the medic. He has called for back up to arrest the medic, right there on the side of the road.

When more police show up, they do not seem to have a problem with depriving the patient of care or with delaying transport. So the suggestion that the problem is just with trooper Martin is a bit silly. What would it take for one of the other LEOs on scene to say, Hey, this should be handled at the hospital? Did anyone other than family and EMS say this?

Has anybody made any arrangements for another medic to take care of the patient while the medic is in custody?

Absolutely not. If the trooper had, he should wait for another medic to arrive first. But this is an idiotic delay that could be completely avoided by just following the ambulance to the hospital.

Once he has arrested the medic, what will the trooper be able to do to fulfill his statement to the patient?

Will the trooper also arrest the patient, so that the patient will be able to continue in the care of the medic in the back of the police car?

Will the trooper use magical powers to cause the basic EMT to be able to drive the ambulance and provide paramedic level care to the patient.

This trooper is not behaving rationally. He has decided to make decisions about things he does not appear to understand even a little bit.

How about scene awareness? The trooper is surrounded by people who may be family of the patient in the ambulance. The patient he is depriving of care. How did he survive in Iraq?

The trooper is demonstrating complete disregard for the well being of that patient. Has he inquired about her health? Never in this video does he do anything to find out how she is doing. Opening the door to tell her,Ma’am, we’re going to get you to the hospital quickly, is dishonest since he clearly intends to wait for more police so that he can arrest the medic.

Does the video absolve the medic of responsibility for the way things developed?

I will devote a separate post to that question.

From STATter911.

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