Without evidence of benefit, an intervention should not be presumed to be beneficial or safe.

- Rogue Medic

OHP Trooper Update IV – Holy Stammering Obscurantists

Holy Stammering Obscurantists?

Obviously, this is a Batman reference. Just to put things in the world of comic book perspective. A perspective where one side is pure and virtuous and not just defenders of the law, but self-sacrificing in serving those citizens the super heroes are supposed to be protecting.

Not in this case.

Maybe I have been spoiled. I have worked in places where the police actually contribute to patient care. I do not believe that mine is some freak experience. I believe that the police, while they may be even less fond of blood, guts, and vomit than those in EMS, are truly interested in helping patients. Police have friends, coworkers, neighbors, and even mothers.

Yet, the Holy Stammering Obscurantist wants us to believe that they forget all that once they put the uniform on.

Horse Pucky!

For some bizarre reason, Daniel Martin is presented as upholding the law by delaying patient care, just because the ambulance does not have its lights and sirens on. I admit, I do not know Oklahoma law, but it needs to be revised if a patient either has rights, or does not have rights, based on the amount of noise outside of the ambulance.

At the scene of a medical emergency, does EMS need to keep their lights and sirens on, just to keep from being written parking tickets by OHP? And that would just be the parking ticket. This Failure to yield ticket was coming with a free lecture about whatever Daniel Martin lectures about when delaying a patient’s arrival at the hospital.

I do not believe the medic’s actions were completely without fault. It seems that the Holy Stammering Obscurantist has been reading my blog in mentioning these. The crux of this is one, and only one, issue. Is it acceptable for Daniel Martin to delay a patient’s arrival at the hospital because his feelings are hurt?

He was given the finger?


Gentle readers, I do not mean to alarm you, but your not so humble Rogue Medic has been on the receiving end of a New York salute more than once. On duty and off. This is not a big deal. It is not something I let interfere with patient care. Daniel Martin needs to grow a set and let his tantrum wait at least until they have transported the patient to the hospital. At the hospital, if he wishes to point out some unprofessional behavior, that would be the time for a professional to address this.

Daniel Martin is no professional.


OK. It is a fancy word for someone who contributes to a situation, not by helping to make things clear, but by distorting, misrepresenting, and obscuring what clarity already exists. The Holy Stammering Obscurantist is not doing anything other than serving the interests of Daniel Martin. The Holy Stammering Obscurantist is not presenting the Oklahoma Highway Patrol in a favorable light. I expect that many of those who are proud of working for OHP are embarrassed by the behavior of Daniel Martin. This does nothing to improve relations between OHP and EMS. Since this is not just an OHP/EMS issue, this does nothing to improve relations between OHP and the public.

Here is the thankfully abreviated video of the Holy Stammering Obscurantist spinning a web of misdirection, smoke, and mirrors. I know it is hot out, but is this press conference in a place without air conditioning? Are the lights that hot? Or is he just a kid who is embarrassed to be trying to make this case on camera? The Holy Stammering Obscurantist sure looks like a kid who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

There is much more information at STATer911.

There is a longer video of the entire press conference. Over one hour of the Holy Stammering Obscurantist. Fear not, dear readers. I will wade into that morass of double talk, chicanery, and abuse of common sense. If I do not survive, do not follow. There are some things too tediously moronic to even be contemplated, but I have a shovel and I intend to emerge from this with further information.

This is also covered by David Konig in OHP Trooper Defended By Apparently Constipated Attorney. Is the Holy Stammering Obscurantist constipated? Maybe. David Konig makes many good points, but there is one that I still disagree with.

Why should we be the ones to de-escalate a situation we did not escalate in the first place?

Because, just as whern we were little kids, misbehavior by another person does not justify misbehavior by us. Should we all behave like Daniel Martin, just because Daniel Martin behaves unprofessionally? No. We still need to behave professionally.

It is true that there are conflicting laws on this. It is a crime to interfere with OHP, when they are performing their duties. It is a crime to interfere with EMS while they are performing their duties. The Holy Stammering Obscurantist says that such things should be handled in court after the fact. That the court has not addressed this, therefore the Daniel Martin should ignore the laws that do not assist him in doing what he wants to do.

Again, Horse Pucky!

It is the responsibility of professionals to de-escalate the situation. A hostage negotiator does not show up and say, I’m not dealing with this guy. He broke the law. Hostage negotiators are generally not called until after the law is broken. They are called because they are professionals.

This is a case about professionalism, and the lack of it.

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