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OHP Trooper Update VI – A Little Background on the Participants

At the end of the press conference I wrote about in 2 earlier posts on this, Daniel Martin’s lawyer called for reporters to investigate the background of Maurice White, Jr. I wondered about this at the time, but speculating on what they might find would have been silly.

It might have been silly, but it would have been much better than the lawyer calling for an investigation of the background of Maurice White, Jr., because you know that someone will also look into the background of Daniel Martin. I’ll address his background later, but what about Maurice White, Jr.?

This is from the Tulsa World:

White, meanwhile, was fired in June 2004 by Muskogee County EMS after more than 11 years of employment. EMS Director Terri Mortensen criticized White in a termination letter, citing his “unprofessional behavior” toward her and “misuse of authority over your subordinates.” The letter listed other reasons for his termination:

Failure to complete run sheets in a timely manner.

Short notice on cancellation of teaching assignment.

Failure to schedule a relief EMT to cover his shift while he taught a class in a timely manner.

White responded by filing a complaint of racial discrimination with the NAACP. The organization originally supported White’s cause but later reversed its decision. The NAACP reportedly reviewed the EMS policy and White’s termination letter, and it concluded he had committed a fireable offense.[1]

Other than failure to complete run sheets in a timely manner, I don’t see any criticism of his documentation. The reason I point this out is that, if these are quotes from his termination letter, the documentation of his employer leaves a lot to be desired. Since when is documentation supposed to be vague? Since when is termination not supposed to include documentation of specifics? Or were specific incidents excluded from publication? This looks as if he has been convicted of losing a popularity contest. A popularity contest where the boss casts all of the votes.

Unprofessional behavior? Such as?

Misuse of authority over your subordinates?

These are so vague that they are meaningless. What is unprofessional behavior in that organization? Did it suddenly appear after 11 years? Did they not notice it until after 11 years? Did they rewrite their SOPs to be able to describe his behavior as unprofessional?

The other justifications are no less vague.

I don’t know any of the details, but it is surprising that somebody would be fired from an EMS position after 11 years for such offenses. Consider what it costs to replace an experienced employee. Overtime for several shifts to cover for that employee is not going to come close. How much of a problem is it? Difficult to say. What is the mean average time of employment for that agency? Do long term employees usually leave by termination?

A couple of things that are noticeable for their absence:

There is no mention of violence.

There is no mention of any problems with quality of care. He appears to have been one of their instructors.

Documentation problems are an entirely different category. Maybe this caused problems with the local regulatory agency. Again, I don’t know.

These are the kind of termination offenses that suggest to me that they were looking for an excuse to fire him. What was the real reason they would want to fire him? I don’t know, but when I have seen this before, it has been something that might fall into the whistleblower category. Maybe he is critical of the way management does things, but they cannot fire him for expressing his disagreement if he follows proper channels.

If you are familiar with my blog, you know that I do not advocate low standards for EMS. I am not suggesting that he is is right, or that he should be given the benefit of the doubt, because he is a medic. I think we are just peeling more layers off of an onion. Has The Onion covered this, yet?

Forty of White’s former co-workers wrote a letter to the editor of the Muskogee Phoenix in support of White’s firing.[1]

That does not give a good impression, but where is the letter. If this already appeared in the paper, is there any privacy concern? Was it actually published by the paper in 2004?

Dave Statter at STATter 911 still seems to be the source for the most complete and most up to date information.

Reporters look into past of Oklahoma trooper & paramedic seen on confrontation video. One is called a bully, the other unprofessional. And. Quick takes.

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^ 1 Trooper in video known as bully
The paramedic has been called unprofessional.

By Ron Jackson & Sheila Stogsdill
Published: 6/21/2009 2:25 AM
Last Modified: 6/22/2009 9:55 AM


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