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OHP Trooper Update VII – A Little More Background on the Participants

Earlier today I wrote about the background of Maurice White, Jr. Now the background of Daniel Martin.

This is from the Tulsa World:

Longtime Fairfax barber shop owner Linda Bevill described Martin as a bullish man who ran off teenagers from cruising Main Street and constantly accused residents of drinking alcohol during an endless stream of “unnecessary” traffic stops.

“He struck me as a man who probably didn’t have any control over any part of his life growing up, someone who needed control and power,” Bevill said. “I remember he even went and bought one of those portable police lights for his own car. He just needed to play cop even when he was off duty.

“He needed to be admired, but he could never figure out why people didn’t like him. He just didn’t have any feel for people. And he was always making something big out of nothing.”

Former board of trustees member Ted Smith remembered Martin as someone who “didn’t take orders very well.”

Smith recalled one incident he witnessed in which two handcuffed teenagers were lying facedown on the sidewalk. Martin stood over one of the youngsters with his pistol aimed at the youth’s head.

“The boys were already handcuffed and on the ground,” Smith said. “Why pull the gun? … Yeah, we had a lot of trouble with him. We’re not surprised at all by what has happened. He just had an attitude.[1]

Some of these are just a waste of ink, Longtime Fairfax barber shop owner Linda Bevill described Martin as a bullish man who ran off teenagers from cruising Main Street.

I know plenty of people who would say that is the job of the police. Is this a problem? I do not know and cannot decide from the information provided.

and constantly accused residents of drinking alcohol during an endless stream of “unnecessary” traffic stops.

If people are drinking and driving, are the police supposed to ignore this. I have worked in a rich town, where drunk driving is treated very leniently. Should the police ignore drunk drivers?

Or is Daniel Martin making up stuff about drivers consuming alcohol? I don’t know, but where is the reporter providing some information to help inform the reader?

The only comment that seems to provide any information is the one from Former board of trustees member Ted Smith. There is no mention of any documentation on this incident. It would be nice to have something to back up the statement by this former official. What were the details of this incident?

Martin’s defense attorney, Gary James, portrayed him last week as a loving family man and an American hero who recently returned from Iraq after a tour of duty as a U.S. naval reservist. Residents of the rural Osage County town of Fairfax have dramatically different recollections of Martin, who was their police chief from March 1999 to July 2000.

Martin’s tenure in Fairfax ended with a unanimous vote for his firing.

“Yeah, I remember him,” store clerk Linda Burgess said. “That’s a sore subject around here. He left quite an imprint on this community, and not a good one, either. He was a bully with an attitude.

“And he was always pulling people over and using the f-word.”[1]

Other than the report of his firing, this quote does not seem to be any more accurate information than I might be able to get by going down to a local bar during the day and asking for opinions on a local police officer. This audience may be much more likely to have people willing to talk and at the same time likely to have had a bad experience with any police officer. That does not make it news. I expect that there will be some more digging into their backgrounds, because this is a lot of reporting of rumors. Maybe there is something behind the rumors, but let’s have something to convince us that these rumors have some substance. This seems as if it was rushed to get something in print. This seems to be something that should not have been rushed.

Both Daniel Martin and Maurice White, Jr. have been fired from jobs. Both seem to have been around for a long time with mostly uneventful job histories. Outside of the statement about the handcuffed teens being menaced with a gun and the firings, I do not see anything here that might have led OHP or Creek Nation to decide that either was a poor choice for the job. Of course, they do not make their decisions based just on an article in the paper.

I feel a Clara Peller moment coming on.

Dave Statter at STATter 911 still seems to be the source for the most complete and most up to date information.

Reporters look into past of Oklahoma trooper & paramedic seen on confrontation video. One is called a bully, the other unprofessional. And. Quick takes.

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^ 1 Trooper in video known as bully
The paramedic has been called unprofessional.

By Ron Jackson & Sheila Stogsdill
Published: 6/21/2009 2:25 AM
Last Modified: 6/22/2009 9:55 AM


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