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An Interesting Development in the Daniel Martin Case

A few days ago, Maurice White, Jr. filed a complaint for damages for a violation of civil rights against Daniel Martin in the Eastern District of Oklahoma.[1]

5150Wife posted a link to this in the comments to Assaulted Paramedic Wants Oklahoma DPS Trooper’s Badge. I have been putting off reading the document, but some of the information is a bit of a shock.

11. Trooper Martin was speeding in the same direction as the ambulance on Highway 62 in Okfuskee County, Oklahoma. Martin claimed he had an emergency which required him to run both his emergency lights and siren; however, Martin took no action when he arrived at his destination, and he only remained at his destination for less than a minute;

12. The only action taken by Martin at his destination, which was supposedly a crime scene, was that Martin took a female passenger onboard his official vehicle;

13. Before reaching his destination for a supposed crime, Martin sped up to the rear of the ambulance that was transporting the ill patient;

14. A car in front of the ambulance was pulling to the shoulder of the road, preventing the ambulance from being able to immediately pull over without risking harm to all concerned;

15. After Martin passed the ambulance, he became frustrated, got on his radio, and chastised the ambulance driver, Mr. Franks, for not pulling over quickly enough to suit Martin;

16. Martin proceeded to his destination where he did nothing other thanpick up a female passenger. Martin then immediately returned to Highway 62 with his lights on, ran a stop sign while accessing the highway, and pulled over the ambulance, which was still transporting the patient, to the side of the road;

Failure to yield immediately to a trooper on his way, with lights and sirens on, to pick up his wife.

Apparently, I have not understood the gravity of the heinous act of making a trooper late to pick up the wife at the auto repair shop, where she seems to have dropped off her car. Mea culpa.

As for a discussion of stopping the ambulance immediately, I wrote about the recklessness of that claim, at length, a couple of days ago.[2]

Honey, sorry I’m late, but I tried to get here on time. I even ran an ambulance off the road on the way here.

They had a patient on board and everything. If it will make you feel better, I can go arrest them for having the temerity to be travelling legally, and responsibly, on the road, when you are waiting. Maybe I can shoot one of them.

Please, their example of legal, safe, and responsible driving is an insult to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol!

34. Martin admitted to people at the hospital that he behaved inappropriately;

35. Thereafter, Martin submitted a false and misleading report on this matter which was released to the media;

36. Martin, through his lawyer, held a press conference in which his lawyer made false and misleading claims about Mr. White and held Mr. White in a false light

37. The Oklahoma highway Patrol has yet to take any adverse action against Martin although this matter has been pending for nearly two (2) months;

38. while reserving his right to amend and submit supplemental state claims, at present Mr. White is alleging a constitutional claim pursuant to the fourth amendment; to wit:

A. Mr. White re-alleges all of the foregoing and further states and alleges:

B. Martin seized Mr. White without cause and contrary to law;

C. Martin used unreasonable force in his seizing of Mr. White;

D. That as a result of Martin’s actions, Mr. White suffered pain and suffering, and diminution of his standing in his chosen vocation;

E. The Defendant’s actions were deliberate, reckless, wanton and/or cruel which justifies the award of punitive damages.

Why keep the OHP in suspense. They do not seem to have any understanding of what misbehavior is. They seem to think that anything done by one of their troopers is good, while any objection by any non-trooper is illegal. The statement of OHP supporting the multiple attempts at arresting Maurice White, Jr. only seems to provide further evidence of their complicity in Daniel Martin’s misbehavior.

If not for a family member with a camera phone, would any of this have come to light?

How often does something like this happen with the support of the OHP administration, but not been made public?

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^ 1 Maurice White, Jr., Plaintiff, v. Daniel Martin, individually, while acting under color of law on behalf of the State of Oklahoma; Defendant.
Case No. CIV 09-287-KEW
Filed Jul 21 2009
Full Text PDF

^ 2 OHP Official Position – Don’t Get Caught On Camera, Otherwise Good Job.
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