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Daniel Martin Suspended for 5 Days

Possibly in response to yesterday’s law suit.

OHP suspends trooper involved in scuffle

Not all paid time off, after all.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol officials said trooper Daniel Martin, whose May 24 scuffle with paramedic Maurice White Jr. was caught on tape, will be suspended for five days without pay.

The suspension begins immediately, officials said during a press conference tonight.

Martin also must take part in a psychological evaluation dealing with anger management, his attorney, Gary James of Oklahoma City, said.

Jones said that within the OHP there was a “difference of opinion” as to Martin’s actions that day on U.S. 62 in Okfuskee County near Paden.

In other words, some people are just incapable of learning.

Those opposed to any disciplining of Daniel Martin are not the kind of people with protect and serve guiding their actions.

An OHP report in connection with the suspension stated that Martin should have made more of an inquiry into the patient’s condition, James said.

James said “essentially my client has been exonerated. I have full confidence that the agency didn’t feel any pressure from the media or the public to hand down a suspension.”


If that were the case, why did OHP suspend Daniel Martin for 5 days without pay?

I know. This is his lawyer, the Holy Stammering Obscurantist.

Updated information at OHP Official Position – Don’t Get Caught On Camera, Otherwise Good Job.

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  1. Martin should have been fired! He displayed very poor judgement and has a real anger problem (or he is very insecure) Either way, he has no business carrying a gun and a badge!

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