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Numerologist Predicts Success For Michael Jackson!

From CNN (Comically Negligent Nonsense) comes this prediction. According to a numerologist –


Somebody who thinks numbers are controlling our lives, and encourages others in this ridiculous magical thinking.

Anyway, according to a numerologists, Michael Jackson has the right numbers to become a success.

When Glynis McCants looks at Michael Jackson’s life, she sees the number five.

Jackson’s talent was discovered when he was 5 years old, he came to fame as a member of the Jackson 5 and he planned a series of 50 concert dates in London, England, as part of a comeback tour before he died on June 25 at the age of 50.

He died on 6/25/2009. The 25 is 5 times 5. He died at the age of 50 – 5 times 5, but doubled. Of course the 6 and the 2009 don’t really follow the plan, but she isn’t calling our attention to them, is she?

I thought she was saying that the number 5 was associated with good luck.

No, just drama. His death was dramatic, but still the number 5 is only where she can find it.

by taking Jackson’s birth date (August 29, 1958, or 8/29/1958) she could chart his personality.

His was “six life path,” she said, meaning he was magnetic and drew people to him. That, coupled with the fact that he was born on a two day made him irresistible, she said.

“If you are born on a two day and are a six life path then America and the world seem to fall in love with you,” McCants said.

Just look at his success. I’m convinced.

In order for this to work, we would have to look at all of the other people who are born on a two day and are a six life path. She lists some other examples of people with this kind of famous birthday, but says nothing about the thousands of people born the same day, who go on to lead lives without fame, without America and the world falling in love with them.

And despite all of Jackson’s troubles, Conner said he believes the star will have an opportunity at success and fame again.

Unlike other souls that stay in the nonphysical realm anywhere from 70 to 150 years, he said, he believes the singer’s soul will return quickly — within the next 20 years — because Jackson was such a perfectionist that he will want to “pick up where he left off.”

Of course there is no way to disprove these assertions. They are just as scientific as alternative medicine. You cannot prove that these are not possible, but why would anyone believe them? Because they want to believe in magic. Magic is what we believe in as children, and some of us just never develop the ability to think as adults.

Rourke said he fully expects people to come forward claiming to have communicated with Jackson, but that any credible professional psychic or medium will not attempt to connect with Jackson for at least six months to a year and will only do so at the behest of a family member or an intimate friend of the singer.

In other words, We may be frauds, but we pretend to have some kinds of standards. It would be wrong to rip off the gullible so soon after his death. If we hold off, pretend to care, we can charge far more. As with OPEC, we don’t want somebody else making a profit off of our marks, so we chase them away with some pseudo-ethics that will allow us to scam them for far more in the future.

There really is nothing wrong with talking to the dead.

The problem is when you claim that dead people talk back to you, or just initiate unsolicited conversations.

A bigger problem is when other people believe the frauds who claim that dead people talk to frauds. Or when they give these people money in stead of clozapine.

And CNN reports on this nonsense as news.

Psychics see magic in Michael Jackson’s life

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