Without evidence of benefit, an intervention should not be presumed to be beneficial or safe.

- Rogue Medic

Will Maryland State Police Aviation Continue To Resist Safety Improvements?

The NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) is still trying to encourage rules that will improve the safety of HEMS (Helicopter EMS) for flight crews and for patients.[1]

Even if the FAA does create rules in these areas, public services do not need to follow them.

These will probably be ignored. One of the poster children for ignoring safety standards continues to be MSP Aviation (Maryland State Police Aviation Unit).

This is a presentation of changes desired to improve safety.[2] MSP Aviation may continue to ignore these, yet they claim to be concerned for the safety of their patients. A lot of talk, but where is the action?

Even attempts to use Medicare reimbursement, to try to get HEMS to improve safety, will not have much effect on MSP Aviation. They charge the drivers in the state extra, when drivers register vehicles. Then MSP Aviation demands more money from the legislature, while they still claim to be free. MSP Aviation has such a powerful political lobby, that they are like the tantrum throwing teenager of immature rich parents. They will get whatever they want with no real accountability or oversight.

MSP Aviation can do whatever MSP Aviation wants, such as having just one medical provider on board, but they brazenly push the lie that they are the safer alternative to ground transport. MSP Aviation is not only not the best, but is far from the best in providing medical care. Eventually the Maryland voters will realize that they are being lied to, but after how many lives?

MSP Aviation continues to place the safety of patients and crew members below balancing their budget, while claiming that other, much higher quality, flight services are corrupted by monetary influences. Pure hypocrisy.

Shock Trauma doctors continue to promote the lie of the Golden Hour, which would be more appropriately named the Bogus Hour.[3], [4], [5]

Why should we expect Shock Trauma to be aware of research? They practice voodoo.[6]


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