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Maurice White Arrested

Unlike the previous incident with Daniel Martin, Maurice White, Jr. actually was arrested, this time.

Daniel Martin is the Oklahoma State Police Trooper, who claimed that he may arrest the only paramedic taking care of a patient, without making any arrangements to continue the care of the patient.


Some police have defended the actions of Daniel Martin, or have claimed that it is acceptable, based on their extensive knowledge of patient care delusions of grandeur,[1] for them to make patient care decisions.


I will avoid the psychological/psychiatric explanations for this desire to practice medicine without a license. I think that the main reason is ignorance. They do not know what is going on with patient care, but rather than admit that ignorance, they decide that something must be done.

I agree that there are times when something must be done. In the absence of any immediate threat, that something should only be done after the transfer of patient care. If not, after first arranging for someone to care for the patient, the police officer/trooper should also be arrested.

Would the police go into surgery and arrest a surgeon during the middle of an operation? I hope not. So why do some feel it is acceptable for the police to make medical decisions about how sick/injured this patient is compared to a patient in surgery? Some of my patients will be more unstable than surgical patients, but a person with no training/minimal training in emergency medical assessment/treatment is not someone who has the competence to make these decisions.

We should hope that people, not trained/educated to the level to understand the medical care a patient is receiving, would seek expert advice prior to taking actions to discontinue that patient care. Even if most of the time, this police misconduct might not result in harm to the patient, that does not excuse the behavior.

Why do I bring this up now?

Maurice White Jr., 56, was booked into the Sequoyah County jail on complaints of resisting arrest, failure to obey a lawful order, speeding and failure to comply with the compulsory insurance law, Vian Assistant Police Chief Brian Chandler said.[2]

While I would like to see the dashboard cam video of this, Assistant Police Chief Chandler does seem to present the events objectively. Objectivity is an important part of professionalism that was lacking in the behavior of Trooper Daniel Martin on May 24, 2009.

Driving his personal vehicle, White was stopped for allegedly speeding around 9:15 a.m., Chandler said. While Chandler was completing a citation, White approached the police car and was asked to return to his vehicle, police said.

“I asked him again to go back to his vehicle, and he said, `What was I going to do’ if he didn’t?” Chandler said. “It went downhill from there.”[2]

Chandler said, “I treat everyone the same. The way I want to be treated. It didn’t matter who he was, he was simply not complying with me.”[3]

Which is exactly what we should expect from the police. The police should be treated with respect, even if writing a ticket that we might feel is unjustified. The time to dispute this is in court. The police should not put up with abusive treatment (and I am only going by the statements from Chandler in connecting this to the arrest of Maurice White).

For those who think that I am lacking objectivity in criticizing Daniel Martin (and those who think that Daniel Martin was correct in attempting to make patient care decisions, I have written a lot about this. Even in my original post, I stated that Maurice White contributed to the escalation that was not in the best interest of the patient.

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