Without evidence of benefit, an intervention should not be presumed to be beneficial or safe.

- Rogue Medic

Some Blog Awards

One of my favorite blogs is up for an award at Ask An MD.

Asystole Is The Most Stable Rhythm is beautifully written by someone who understands medicine and has a bit of a silly streak. She writes under the pen name of AlbinoBlackBear and I have written about her post before, most recently in Laugh! – – – or – – – Cry.

Go give her a vote. She has earned it.

Doctor D has started his own anti-establishment blog awards. Awards for those not likely to get the attention of MedGadget. However, MedGadget does have a group of blog awards that are worth some attention. The Sixth Annual Medical Weblog Awards.

A couple of my favorite blogs were nominated, but did not make it to the finals.

Pallimed: A Hospice & Palliative Medicine Blog

Palliative medicine may be the most misunderstood specialty. By comparison, people act as if they would rather shake hands with a room full of proctologists, than acknowledge that they should consult a palliative care specialist.

When we grow up, we realize that we cannot cure everything. Palliative care is not about admitting defeat, but about admitting that all of our patients deserve excellent care. Patient care is about much more than just the presence of a pulse.

We all die. Having diagnoses that makes death much more imminent is no reason to act as if we have failed, or as if there is nothing that we can do for our patients.

The Poison Review

Pharmacology is all about poison. When we do not know our pharmacology, we are nothing but poisoners, waiting to make mistakes.

Musings of a Dinosaur

While more popular than palliative care, primary care does not get the respect it deserves, either. Creative and entertaining writing. She even has a wonderful book that you should buy. It is about medicine and life, not just primary care.

Respectful Insolence

What’s not to love about insolence? By an oncologist who writes about science and medicine. He is much more critical of the frauds pushing alternative medicine and other nonsense, than I am.

KevinMD.com (nomination declined by owner)

Based on my limited dealings with Dr. Pho, I expect that he declined the nomination so that some lesser known blogger would get more recognition out of the awards. One thing that KevinMD is very good about is bringing attention to other blogs. If you have a blog post that you think is interesting, well written, and concise, he has contact information on his blog. Send him a copy and he may use it.

Laika’s MedLibLog

I just saw this today (through Grand Rounds), so I am not that familiar with the blog, but there is a lot on research, so I will be reading a lot more, here.

For the finalists, my choices are –

Best Medical Weblog
Gary Schwitzer’s HealthNewsReview Blog

Best New Medical Weblog (established in 2009)

Best Literary Medical Weblog
other things amanzi

Best Clinical Sciences Weblog
Life in the Fast Lane

Best Medical Technologies/Informatics Weblog

In the other categories, Best Health Policies/Ethics Weblog and Best Patient’s Blog, I have no familiarity with any of the blogs.

One of the great things about these awards is the opportunity to find some interesting blogs that you might not otherwise come across.