Without evidence of benefit, an intervention should not be presumed to be beneficial or safe.

- Rogue Medic

The Prehospital 12-Lead ECG blog receives its first hate mail

There is a post titled, The Prehospital 12-Lead ECG blog receives its first hate mail. I could provide some explanation, but the title pretty much says it all. However, Tom B. does an excellent job of using the heckler to provide personal entertainment for his readers. I provide some commentary of my own, but go read what Tom B. wrote.

Third, it is academically dishonest and even perhaps illegal to directly quote from an article without a proper citation.

Academically dishonest? I guess I will have to call Tom, Professor Tom.

Please provide a citation for the improper citation being illegal.

There is a link to the article that appears to have inspired this tirade. The link seems to be to an article by the same Mr. Matthew Paulus, BME, EMT-P, MS-S NP-S/Cardiopulmonary CNS-S, who seems to have ignored the link. I guess that he only acknowledges a certain style of citation. A link is a citation, even if it is not in the form that Letter Man might prefer. My link to Prehospital 12-Lead ECG could result in my arrest for not being a proper citation? Oh, my!

It is equally dishonest and professionally unethical to make criticisms of published materials using nothing more than mere opinion.

Mere opinion?

I am insulted!

My opinion is scattered throughout my posts, but describing it as mere opinion is a mistake. And probably illegal!

OK. It isn’t illegal.

So, I should expect a visit from Letter Man?

The entire concept of publishing a paper is to put it out there for your peers to criticize. It’s one of the hallmarks of science.


Furthermore, I found your opinions unfounded, misguided, inaccurate, unkind, irresponsible, and lacking an academic foundation.

What? No proof of some communist conspiracy? Alien abduction? That’s all you’ve got?

I advise you to use caution, sound judgement, graciousness, sound ethics and humility when publicly critiquing published materials.

Good gracious!

If you’re attacking me on style points, then point taken. I can be a bit brash sometimes.

Let’s hope that this guy doesn’t decide to actually work in EMS, rather than just write about EMS. Brash doesn’t even begin to describe the vocabulary of some of the patients. Then, assuming he cavalierly dispenses calcium channel blockers to wide complex tachycardia patients, he may be find the plaintiff’s attorney to be more than a bit unpleasant.

Though I do not know the person’s background, it forces one to wonder whether this blogger is educated beyond what his own intelligence permits.

It doesn’t force me to consider that, at all. However, Letter Man is consistent in his misinformation.

I will avoid this site and advise others to do so until it can be based on a solid foundation of knowledge.

He will avoid this until things change?

If he avoids the site, how would he know if things change?

Personal opinion does not cut it.

Please provide some evidence to support this personal opinion.

Thank you,
Matthew Paulus, BME, EMT-P, MS-S NP-S/Cardiopulmonary CNS-S

I love the Thank you, after all of the failed attempts at insults. They would need to have some substance to not fail.

BME? Bloviating Medic Emeritus?

I wonder about all of the MS-S NP-S/Cardiopulmonary CNS-S. Does the -S mean student?


Maybe I should list the books that I am reading with -R after the title. Maybe a movie that I am watching with -W. Of course, maybe -S does not mean student. Clearly, he knows it all.

I am surprised that there was no accusation of libel. Libel is the adult version of, You can’t say that! With all of the accusations of libel directed at me, no lawyer has yet contacted me. Thank you for the giggles, Mr. Paulus.


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