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- Rogue Medic

Fight for your Right: EMS Garage Episode 79

I had the opportunity to be on a couple of good podcasts this week.

Fight for your Right: EMS Garage Episode 79

Podcast master Chris Montera had invited Steve Wirth of Page, Wolfberg & Wirth, probably the best known EMS law firm, to explain. The topic was the ways that the case best described by Ambulance Driver was handled, could have been handled, and should have been handled.

A lot of good information covered here, especially for those who feel the need to use social media at work. I had wanted to bring up the way the administration in Pittsburgh is handling discipline, but there was so much else covered in this episode.

An interesting aspect of this segment is that Justin Schorr of Happy Medic and Chronicles of EMS was at work for the show. He is in the unusual situation of having a lot of support from his employer. Many employers may not have addressed any of these social media issues.

Also on the show were several people much more involved in social media than I am:

Kyle David Bates of KyleDavidBates.com and more importantly, of Mrs. Kyle David Bates.

Greg Friese of Everyday EMS Tips, EMSBootCamp.com, EMSEduCast.com, EPS411.com, and PIOSocialMediaTraining.com.

David Konig of DavidKonig.com and PIOSocialMediaTraining.com.

Natalie Quebodeaux of Ms Paramedic and the Gen Med Show.