Without evidence of benefit, an intervention should not be presumed to be beneficial or safe.

- Rogue Medic

Charting Averages, But Now Averages of Medics

What if the numbers in the chart in my last post did not represent income?

What if these numbers represented the grade that an independent medical director – one who truly understands what high quality EMS is – gave to each of the medics in an organization?

Using the same chart, but switching from 50 (for $50,000 income) to 50% (for a quality score), assuming that 60% (or even 65%) is the minimum passing score, what would this say about the medics in this organization?

What happens to the quality of care delivered by this organization, if the one excellent medic leaves?

Why do these organizations seem to force out the excellent medics?

What do the other medics will say to this medic, if they recognize that the excellent medic is excellent?

You’re making the rest of us look bad!

Is that true?

Of course not.

The bad medics really are bad.

The excellent medic is making the bad organization look better.

The bad organization deserves to look bad.

The person who makes others aware of how bad things are is not responsible for the problems. The excellent medic did not create the bad organization. The bad organization is not likely to get better on its own.

Bad organizations deserve to have their bad behavior exposed. Even good organizations deserve to have their bad behavior exposed.

However, peer pressure may get to the excellent medic. Maybe the medic will start to give in to pressure to limit treatment to just load and go, rather than to initiate treatment on scene. These medics may not be good, but they may minimize the time they spend harming patients if they focus on speed. Or that may be what they hope to convince others to think about them.

If all you get is a taxi, why not call a taxi and pay taxi rates for taxi service?

If EMS is just a taxi ride, why have any paramedics?

If paramedics do not treat patients and would not know what to treat, are they really paramedics?

911, what’s your emergency?

I need a taxi staffed with paramedic-impostors!

Possible teaser from a new EMS drama coming to a TV near you.



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