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Kenneth Stokes – Your life is important, unless you work in EMS

Apparently, City Councilman Kenneth Stokes does not believe that people who work in EMS are people.

“Human life is too important to take it for granted, and when a person is shot, there’s no such thing as a simple gunshot wound. All gunshot wounds are serious,” he said. “Anytime that a person needs to be taken to the hospital, a second can be the difference between life and death. And it’s important that we treat life in such a manner that everyone knows it’s irreplaceable.”[1]

Irreplaceable – unless you work in EMS.

Is City Councilman Kenneth Stokes the Dumbest Person of the Week?

Can Lindsay Lohan compete with his bottomless stupidity?

National EMS Authority CEO and President Steve Williamson of Tulsa, Okla., said he had read Stokes’ comments. He said Stokes is overlooking one fact:

“It incensed me that he would put so little importance on the safety of the caregiver,” he said. “You don’t want to exacerbate the problem by having more victims because the scene wasn’t safe. It’s almost beyond common sense that you would send people who are unprotected into that type of environment.”

Williamson recited a business mantra: “A dead medic can’t help anyone.”[1]

City Councilman Kenneth Stokes would probably be complaining that being dead is no reason for the medic to not treat the patient. Lazy, good-for-nothing medic!

Stokes, however, said if another ambulance company cannot be found, the city of Jackson should consider running its emergency medical services through the Fire Department. He said emergency medical providers need to be willing to take the same risks as police and fire department employees.[1]

Now it makes sense.

All this talk about saving lives was just a smoke screen for City Councilman Kenneth Stokes to get some support from the IAFF (International Association of Fire Fighters – the fire fighters’ union).

As much as the IAFF thinks that their continuing expansion as a union depends on taking over EMS, they will not tolerate having their union members serving as targets for the local gangbangers to shoot at until the police arrive.

While many Jackson firefighters are medical first responders, and some are EMTs, department spokesman R.D. Simpson said firefighters do not enter an unsecured scene.

“We do have a policy, and it is that no JFD personnel will enter a known hostile situation without law enforcement personnel on the scene and without the scene being stabilized,” Simpson said.[1]

The IAFF will not treat voting members like that.

Even City Councilman Kenneth Stokes will not go into a shooting scene until after police have secured the scene.

(AMR spokesman Jim) Pollard says he has studied the times and found they got the call at 10:15:04, were on scene at 10:22:24, and had patient contact at 10:22:29 or seven minutes twenty-five seconds after getting the call.[2]

The highlighting is mine.

Meanwhile, the actual contract with AMR is handled through the county.

Hinds County supervisors said the county remains satisfied with AMR’s policies and performance and that no change is eminent.[1]

City Councilman Kenneth Stokes claims that it took 23 minutes for police to arrive at a shooting scene in the city, even though dispatch records show EMS on scene in 7 minutes?

City Councilman Kenneth Stokes is a liar.

Picture credit[3]

But is City Councilman Kenneth Stokes the dumbest person of the week?

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