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Mississippi Councilman Kenneth Stokes is Reckless and Irresponsible

According to Bert Case of WLBT, Jackson Councilman Kenneth Stokes is upset that a shooting victim had to wait over twenty minutes before help last Friday. Stokes stated that even though the police had not yet secured the scene, the ambulance company should have taken the risk and gotten the the victim quicker.[1]

My first thought is that this is somebody who is trying to save the taxpayers some money.

We don’t have enough police. We refuse to raise taxes to pay for more police. We want the ambulance company to take over the job of the police to save the taxpayers some money.

My second thought is that this is a great way to cut down on 911 abuse.


Since, only a complete imbecile would suggest going into a shooting scene unarmed. We will arm ourselves. I want hand grenades and air support, but not in that order.

If we call in some Napalm from the air, lob a few grenades through the door, then enter the scene, there will not be too much of a problem with unnecessary calls for an ambulance. Yeah! That’s the ticket.

I have a hangnail. I’m going to call 911.

Not if we are going to blow that hangnail – and everything attached to it – to smithereens.

Then there is another problem. If you, or your partner, or both of you are shot, who does City Councilman Kenneth Stokes think is going to take care of the rapidly increasing number of shooting victims?

Maybe the ambulances should bring City Councilman Kenneth Stokes along with them and follow him in to the scene. He might make a nice shield.

If City Councilman Kenneth Stokes doesn’t care that much about his constituents to go into an unsecured shooting scene, he should let somebody else do his job. Maybe somebody who is smart enough to have EMS wait for the police to clear the scene.

I once saw the X Files movie in the theater (why? it’s a long story). There is a scene where a child has fallen through a hole in the ground in a school playground. Seeing that there is an underground passage, the kid goes off exploring. The local fire department shows up and the guy in charge orders 2 guys down in the hole.

They go down a ladder and walk out of sight. There is no radio contact with them. They don’t respond to anything. The next thing the guy in charge says is, Two more guys. Down in the hole.

I was laughing out loud. The moviegoers were giving me nasty looks. This would be a great training film. True, it is essentially a monster movie, but the critical lesson is right there.

Scene safety


Don’t rush in.

If something goes wrong, back off and re-evaluate.

Most importantly – Do Not Create More Patients!

I expect that podcasts will have fun with this. Mitigation Journal, First Few Moments, EMS Office Hours, the MedicCast, and plenty of others look for this kind of story to point out exactly what is wrong with this city councilman’s thinking. Tonight I am on the EMS Garage podcast ranting about this, but it is not yet posted.

Maybe you won’t just get yourself killed, but also your partner, some of the police, and some good samaritans. This is just a very bad idea.

(AMR spokesman Jim) Pollard says he has studied the times and found they got the call at 10:15:04, were on scene at 10:22:24, and had patient contact at 10:22:29 or seven minutes twenty-five seconds after getting the call.[2]

The highlighting is mine.

City Councilman Kenneth Stokes says over 20 minutes for the police to secure the scene.

City Councilman Kenneth Stokes says EMS should not wait for police to secure the scene.

Dispatch records appear to show that EMS was on scene and had made patient contact in less than 7 1/2 minutes.

Patient contact means exactly what it says – contact with the patient. This does not mean standing-by around the corner.

Did EMS not wait for police?

Is City Councilman Kenneth Stokes telling lies about the police?

Or does acting City Councilman Kenneth Stokes just say all sorts of stupid things when he gets in front of a camera.

Not that City Councilman Kenneth Stokes is somebody known for honesty. He was investigated by the local paper for misbehavior. The Clarion-Ledger found plenty to write about. Here, City Councilman Kenneth Stokes is protesting against the First Amendment. He doesn’t think that newspapers should write about his apparently well documented misbehavior.

Maybe, whenever he is in public, City Councilman Kenneth Stokes should walk around with a sign that says, LIAR. He does wear it well.

Picture credit[3]

The Clarion-Ledger reported this morning that Stokes missed 28 of the 55 full meetings the council has had since last July–more than half the full meetings council members scheduled. His poor attendance record surpasses all other council members, who averaged 10 or fewer no-shows.

Stokes argued, however, that “full” meetings do not count as “official” council meetings, and says state law only binds him to attend the official meetings the council has twice a month–which excludes bi-monthly work sessions, zoning meetings and other special meetings.

“I don’t miss council meetings,” Stokes said.[4]

Actually, he does, he just has a lame excuse for missing council meetings.

If you aren’t willing to do the job, City Councilman Kenneth Stokes, don’t try to fake it.

Huey Long, Eat your heart out!

For a slightly different take on this, read Jackson, MS City Councilman Kenneth Stokes … at A Day in the Life of an Ambulance Driver.


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  1. I think everybody says it takes us 20 minutes to arrive.


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