Without evidence of benefit, an intervention should not be presumed to be beneficial or safe.

- Rogue Medic

Are You Ready For Real EMS Change

Tonight Jim Hoffman of EMS Office Hours is going to have a live podcast to discuss the recently released EMS White Paper, which is available for download from his post, Are You Ready For Real EMS Change?

The White Paper is from the IAEMSC (International Association of EMS Chiefs) and the EMSLA (National EMS Labor Alliance) and has the title, Consolidated Federal Leadership for Emergency Medical Services—An Essential Step to Improve National Preparedness: A perspective from EMS on the front line.

The details about the podcast are available at Jim’s post. You can even set a reminder for the podcast.

There is a lot to in this paper to discuss, so it will not all be covered in one podcast, but there should be plenty of people talking about this at the EMS conference in Baltimore this week.

Go to EMS Office Hours to download the paper and let Jim know what you think about it on the podcast tonight at 7 PM Eastern Time.



  1. Unrelated-rouge can you do a post on fire ground mci/high rise ops for ems. In light of the fire in philly today an the heroic work of the members of the 3rd batallion. Is your area ready for a high rise fire with injuried firefighters and mass evacuations?


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