Without evidence of benefit, an intervention should not be presumed to be beneficial or safe.

- Rogue Medic

Who is TIMA – First Few Moments Episode 28

The most recent First Few Moments podcast is about roadway safety – and it has learning objectives! Kyle David Bates, Brad Buck, Scott Kier, and I discuss what TIMA is.

Who is TIMA? Episode 28

Does this equal safety?

Or does this blind oncoming traffic?


1. The listener will be able to argue the need for roadway safety.

We should already be aware of the need for roadway safety, but this will give you a lot more information about the reasons.

From the beginning of the response, we make decisions about safety.

Do we wear seat belts?

Do we only proceed safely, rather than trust our lights and sirens to protect us.

Lights and Sirens do not protect us.

We use warning devices, such as lights and sirens, to make it more likely that people notice us. This is only the beginning of safety.

2. The listener will be able to identify when to employ roadway safety techniques.

Which roadway safety techniques will depend on what is available.

3. The listener will be able to discuss and employ engineering controls to make operations on the roadway safer.

Several of these are described.

4. The listener will be able to define and discuss the importance of situational awareness while operating on the roadway.

What is situational awareness?

Why are so many of us not very good at situational awareness?

No amount of flashing lights or reflective stripes makes up for a lack of situational awareness.

Is a flashing light going to stop a car?

Is reflective striping going to stop a truck?

This show is about improving the way we think about scene safety.

Thinking about what we are doing is essential to our scene safety.

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