Without evidence of benefit, an intervention should not be presumed to be beneficial or safe.

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Syncope and sudden death in student athletes

Two recent podcasts about this topic. Pedi-U has Done Fell Out! Pediatric Syncope Episode 10 with Dr. Lou Romig, Dr. Peter Antevy, and Kyle David Bates.

From a different perspective, Tom Bouthillet, David Baumrind, and Christopher Watford inaugurate the first EMS 12 Lead Podcast with Dr. John Mandrola of Dr. John M as their guest. The first topic is syncope and sudden death of student athletes, which can be a dramatic and even overwhelming event.

EMS 12-Lead podcast – Episode #1 – Syncope and sudden death in student athletes.

There is a great group of references for information beyond what is included in the podcast.

Dr. Mandrola points out some of the problems in screening a population that has an extremely low incidence of pathology. The false positives may outnumber the true positives, so how much testing is indicated? What testing is indicated?

Screening seemingly healthy young athletes?

The feasibility of routine ECG screening of athletes?

Included in the links are posts on EMS 12 Lead that address conditions described on the podcast, so we can look at some of the ECGs being discussed.

Go listen to the EMS 12 Lead podcast.

Also go listen to the Pedi-U podcast.

Another podcast on the same topic, but covering it from a third perspective, is the ERCAST.

All three are important podcasts on a topic that we do not want to ignore. While the bad outcomes are rare, they make up for it in the impact they have on all involved.



  1. It was fun recording the podcast and it was a pleasure talking with Dr. John M! Perhaps one of the more interesting problems is that pediatric ECGs run such a wide gamut from birth to adolescence that it can be difficult to differentiate normal from abnormal for prehospital providers. I’d alluded to juvenile T-wave inversion and the rightward shifts that are common in pediatric patients, yet prior to my knowledege of them I would have considered pathological.

    Look out for the next parts after EMS Expo!