Without evidence of benefit, an intervention should not be presumed to be beneficial or safe.

- Rogue Medic

Ambulancegirl Makes Unreasonable Accusations in a Comment

Ambulancegirl made the following comments on Roanoke County Attorney Paul M. Mahoney Caught in a Conspiracy Over Ex-Adult Film Star

As a paramedic I think we should be held to high standards as public servants. I personally would not want a ex porn star or criminal responding to me.

Her previous career does not affect her ability to provide patient care.

Where did your criminal comment come from. Her previous career is not criminal. Is your previous career criminal?

Why not state that you would not want a serial killer to take care of you?

As long as you appear to be going for guilt by imaginary association, why wimp out?

Go for the Godwin.

Would you want Hitler taking care of you? No? Then you would not want an ex-adult film star taking care of you – You have been warned!

We already have too many irrelevant rules interfering with good patient care.

Why should we think that adding this kind of rule is in any way good for patients?

What other legal activities should be used to permanently prohibit people from employment in EMS, just to satisfy the most easily offended among us.

I feel like a victim because of what that person used to do!

You must give me the power to punish them to satisfy my need to control others.

I would not want to have to worry about being sexually assisted or robbed or murdered in the back of an ambulance.

Sexually assisted?

What do you need sexual assistance with?

How much money were you planning to offer for sexual assistance?

What makes you think that she would accept your money?

If you meant sexually assaulted, then she probably does NOT want to be sexually assaulted by you.

That would be criminal – and it has nothing to do with her previous occupation.

I have not seen anything that suggests that she has sexual assault on her mind.

On the other hand, depending on what you intended to write, you do appear to have sexual assault on your mind.

Ambulancegirl, please do not sexually assault your patients or your coworkers.

Likewise, what does being robbed or murdered have to do with any of this?

Ambulancegirl, please do not rob or murder your patients or your coworkers.

As EMTs or Paramedics paid or volunteers the public looks up to us and how can we look professional in the eyes of the public if we higher ex porn stars or criminals!

I have not seen any indication that she ever committed a crime.

If you want to prohibit people who have worked in jobs you do not approve of, what other jobs should we include?


Door to door salesmen?










All of these are jobs that are legal, but each of these jobs is considered unethical by some people.

Who decides?


Yes sex is normal but selling it isn’t .

EMS is not normal, either.

What is your point.

Only normal people should apply for abnormal work.


We are not normal.

Pretending to be normal is just a lie.

Is she really retiring from that line of work!

I have no reason to doubt her


I have no reason to believe any of your hypothetical accusations.

Image credit.

That picture of her with her legs spread wide apart looks like it was made at a fire station!

I cannot tell where the picture was taken.

There is something red behind her and to the side of the clock on the wall.

Red = fire station!

The wall is painted white.

White = inside a fire station!

She appears to be sitting on red cushions.

Did I mention what red means?!?!?!

The generic setting of the picture does not appear to have anything fire-related in it.

Clearly, she is hiding the fact that she is surrounded by vulnerable young boys, tempting them to grow up to be Hitler!

But suppose Ambulancegirl’s conspiracy of taking a picture of a woman inside a fire station with clothes on is true.

Are we going to prohibit women from wearing shorts and a T-shirt in firehouses?

Are we going to prohibit men from wearing shorts and a T-shirt in firehouses?

Are we really that crazy?

I know. Ambulancegirl is selling Ambulancegirl brand firehouse burqas.

Pay close attention.

Red = fire station!

Image credit.

Maybe she needs to find another career one that doesn’t require you to be in the public eye as an upstanding citizen.

Maybe you, Ambulancegirl, are the one who should find another career. Perhaps a career where it is more acceptable to use deceit.

We have plenty of unusual people in EMS.

We need to be more open about how unusual we are, not try to shame people to leave EMS just because they do not fit some misleading stereotype of some pillar of the community.

If we keep throwing stones at each other for being different, there will not be anyone left to take care of patients.

We do the dirty work that nobody wants to know about.

We will never be normal.

We need to stop ostracizing people just for being a little bit more abnormal than we are.

We need to stop ostracizing people just for being a little bit more open about being abnormal than we are.

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  1. Isn’t selling sex the oldest profession?

    I seriously doubt that an injured or ill person would really care about their caregiver’s previous employmeny

  2. Ambulance girl, I am glad I am not your quality assurance mngr. The way your blogs read I would hate to read Your tickets. Also, you sound threatened by this previous porn actress. While she did star in adult movies, I don’t believe she ever stood on a corner selling herself. What about women who have had abortions? In some peoples’ mind they committed murder.
    All in all I think AG is more or less uneducated, uninformed, threatened, and jealous. Grow up, take an English grammar class and let people do their jobs. It’s women like you that give female providers a bad name.

  3. I would rather have an ex-porn star care for me than someone who can barely piece together a grammatically correct or coherent argument.

  4. I’ve got no beef with Ambulance Girl.

    What I *do* have a beef with, is this notion that she and many other EMT’s hold, that how we conduct ourselves on our blogs, the profanity we use in a novel, the way we choose to spend our off-duty time, somehow is capable of giving EMS a black eye.

    EMS does just fine at giving itself a black eye while we’re practicing EMS that we don’t need to concern ourselves with what happens away from work.

    Nina Hartley has been screwing on camera for thirty years. Anyone who has ever watched a porn film would recognize her. Yet, I don’t think her current career has disgraced the nursing profession and brought it to ruin because she happens to be a registered nurse.

    I dated a stripper years ago. She took her clothes off and gyrated on a pole for money, because it paid her way through college far better than a job at McDonald’s. Now she’s a pediatrician.

    While she may not have advertised the fact that she was a stripper on her med school application, she wasn’t the type to deny it if directly asked, and it has zero bearing on the care she provides her patients.

    It’s a non-issue. The only thing that makes it an issue are the prudishness and judgment of other people.

  5. Thank you for this!

    Perhaps AG should avoid my restaurant as well, I mean, I actually hired a felon — a really nice guy who had a felony drug possession on his record. Is he sorry? Sure. Does he wish he could’ve hired an expensive defense lawyer? Absolutely. Should the fact that he likes to smoke a lot of pot affect the rest of his life? Hell no… Or maybe she wouldn’t like the fact that a few of my dishwashers and prep people are *former* illegal immigrants? I mean, they used to be here illegally! OMG! Perhaps they’re conspiring to bring more hard-working, family-oriented people into this country? Perish the thought!

    I don’t want her or anyone else with a sense of holier-than-thou morality taking care of me or someone I know when we’re injured. Trop de bizzare!

  6. Ambulancegirl…and all others opposed to this and adamant that it should not be allowed,

    I am so glad you all have EMS services that have made education such a priority and overhauled it in a way that it works to perfection so you can turn out your own replacements. Replacements that are educated to such a high standard they are ready to go from day one and function with perfection.

    I am so glad you have gotten your Q&A process so perfect you do not need any remedial training in your service.

    I am so glad you have gotten your service on a higher standard of good quality patient care with all the equipment needed for cutting edge patient care.

    I am so glad you have gotten evidence based drugs and protocols with enough leeway and training you do not need to ask mother may I and know your medics will be right every time.

    I am so glad you figured out how to deliver EMS perfectly and there is never an issue of patient care in your services.

    That is the short list and until you got at least that shit figured out GROW THE FUCK UP and stop worrying about how your service would look or what someone else did in their past. I am sure you all have other, more pressing, things to concern yourselves with. Some of you probably need to look at how to keep your owns pasts quiet…No one is perfect and no service is erfect enough to concern themselves with this type of petty bullshit…

  7. My reaction to the initial story:

    1) No one cares if their EMT used to be a pornstar. Worst case scenario it just makes priapism less diagnostic for spinal injury.
    2) People aren’t exactly beating down the doors to volunteer anymore
    3) Any attorney who doesn’t know what the Streisand Effect is should be immediately disbarred.

    My reaction to ambulancegirls comment:

    Attitudes like yours are why every employer nowadays is completely up your ass about what you do when you’ ARE NOT working for them. It wouldn’t be America if some pearl clutching holy rollers weren’t going ballistic about something completely fucking ridiculous.

    Use to make porn? You should never be able to work again EVER.

    Said something unpopular on your blog? You should never be able to work again EVER.

    Arrested for something stupid back in the day? You should never be able to work again EVER.

    Got tagged in a pic on facebook holding a beer? You should never be able to work again EVER.

    Smoked weed in college? You should never be able to work again EVER.

    Despite all this you are completely competent and professional? Fuck you! You should never be able to work again EVER.

    • I always laugh or roll my eyes when I hear people say “crimminals shouldn’t be firefighters, cops, EMTs, paramedics, truck drivers, etc..” I can honestly say on my department I work with a lot of felons – they were just never caught. I worked with a firefighter who burned down a house, some drive drunk, shooting the neighbor’s cat ( A low level felony in my state) and various other things. I know this because they revel in these stories, but would be the first to condemn someone like this woman who wishes to do something good. They would reject an aspiring paramedic because he smoked dope in college, despite his credentials and references.

      I’m not innocent by any means. Although no felonies, I made mistakes. A small town sheriff and an Army recruiter guided my head out of my ass, and put it in the right direction.

      After reading ambulance girls comments, I think I need a smoke.

  8. This article was a waste of my time and i cant believe im even wasting more by arguing or posting this. Fins something more interesting to discuss and accuse.

  9. Dear AmbulanceGirl,

    After reading your posts, the arguments and your replies, I’m left with a bit of remorse for your view and understanding of exactly who “EMTs and Paramedics” really are at our cores. 15 or so years in EMS in Jersey City, then New York City as an EMT then Paramedic has opened my eyes to a bit of what EMS people are all made of. We’re human yes, but damaged in ways that are fundamentally predictable. Some may call it damage, but its definitely a pattern.
    Most EMT rookies, when asked “why they do this?” Enthusiastically respond with the honorable, but wholly irrelevant statement; “I like to help people!” Reality sets in soon enough, albeit in personal understanding of the EMS Community. The reasons are truly the same for any profession, we do it because we like it, it makes us feel good, it earns us money, it makes us feel empowered, we feel kinship with our brothers and sister paramedics who understand how we act, feel, and speak.
    We all find EMS in more or less the same way, normally because of a personal tragedy in one way or another, either an event, or dismay over chronic personal, or social conditions. Ultimately we all prove to be control freaks and sexual deviants usually having some socially unacceptable qualities that have gravitated us into the EMS field. Why? Thats easy! Being an EMT or Medic gives us opportunity, a feeling of importance. It gives us a community in which to operate with an outward degree of passion in our words, actions, and interpersonal relationships that normally is too overwhelming for the majority of people outside the field, but that we find comfortable.
    Unfortunately those same values and qualities that enable us to remain emotionally stable under the most dire if conditions while seeing, touching, feeling, and experiencing tragic, horrible, and sometimes gruesome reality, often make us socially unacceptable because of our exposures that breed within us jaded cynicism. Who are we to judge?
    One thing EMS providers realize implicitly is that professional competence will always trump feelings or faith. Society at large has become bullshited into the false belief that someones feelings are more important or as important as their performance; but we know that “THATS JUST NOT TRUE!” Ultimately survival must prevail. A dying patient, in pain, or unconscious “the real ones that need us” doesn’t care if Paramedic Hitler or Paramedic Mother Theresa responds to their call, as long as whoever responds is competent, properly equipped, and committed to putting forth the required best efforts to save them. That is fact. What challenges this simple understanding is the simple math that such an action by a previously judged individual will change deep seeded negative feelings that predisposed the one in need. The easiest solution would have been not to have judged in the first place.
    I salute my brothers and sisters who came from different tragedy to stand on the line with me day after day, night after night, to answer the call. I care not where they are from, their heritage, their outside beliefs or their past. What matters today and every day forth, is ice water in their veins, the star of life in their heart, the quickness and economy of their actions, within their mind hard studied professional competence towards and guts to weald action toward the singular common goal of solving peoples most dire problems, one by one.

    AmbulanceGirl, I invite you to join us, as you should invite those who you’ve judged to join us.

    James Malwitz
    Paramedic #4135

  10. A former porn star wants to be an EMT. What’s the big deal. I do not support her former profession but am behind her decision to become an EMT 100%. Lets give her a chance. I know several good EMT/Medics who havedone things in their past that people may not approve of. But they are good at what they do

    and are outstanding in their field. Hope she succeeds and makes us proud. Those who are condemning her should focus their attention elsewhere…. like who is running this country and his henchmen. All a bunch of criminals. Running our country into the ground and you want to cry about an ex porn star wanting to better herself and serve her community. No wonder our country is in trouble. Good luck to her in her new profession. I hope she succeeds.)

  11. Omg! This is such bullshit! I currently have been dealing with the whole “standards of society” when it comes to those in uniform. This is because I currently have pink hair and it looks unprofessional. Guess where I am right now! Laying on the couch…At work. Why? Because the color of my hair doesn’t effect my ability to help those in need. If anything, teens and young adults are more comfortable with me helpi them, ESP the atras, then some of my fellow members who walk around with a stick up their ass and judging me and my patients. When it comes to elder, they are too sick to care about my hair and have yet to deny my care because of the color of my hair. This is the 21st century. Even cops and EMS can show their tattoos in Many towns. Times are changing. The person who said a stripper will sexually tape a patient! Huh guess that means a good proportion of doctors are raping their patients then. Because my partners have met strippers who are trying to pay off their college loans from med school. Grow up. Get a life. And realize that what you look like does not effect your skills just like stripping doesn’t either. Ugh ambulance girl made me so disgusted. It’s people like her who divide this world apart. Ps-who ever said EMS=abnormal ppl! What normal person wants to with death and traumatic injuries? O course were abnormal. Thank you for that comment.

  12. Jennifer,

    I am the one who stated that EMS is abnormal.

    I did not mean it as a criticism of EMS, but as a criticism of those who try to make EMS look normal.

    We should not deceive ourselves.

    There is nothing wrong with being abnormal.

    I have no interest in ever being normal. Being normal would be horrible.


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