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Roanoke County Attorney Paul M. Mahoney Caught in a Conspiracy Over Ex-Adult Film Star

Roanoke County Attorney Paul M. Mahoney and Roanoke Fire Rescue Squad Chief Richard E. Burch, Jr. are embroiled in an apparent conspiracy over an ex-adult film star.

Don’t tell anyone. We must protect their reputations, because this is all about reputation.

What did they do?

Never mind what they did – we want pictures –

Roanoke County Attorney Paul M. Mahoney.

From the picture, you can’t even tell that Paul M. Mahoney is up to no good.

Paul M. Mahoney is making a mockery of his employer – Roanoke County, Virginia. He is trying to stay out of the spotlight, because Roanoke County Attorney Paul M. Mahoney might be held to a standard of behavior that would result in his termination for bringing ridicule to the County of Roanoke Virgina.

Maybe the standards for Roanoke County Attorney Paul M. Mahoney are not as high as the standards for the volunteer EMTs in Roanoke County.


Roanoke County Attorney Paul M. Mahoney is assisted in this endeavor by –

Roanoke Fire Rescue Squad Chief Richard E. Burch, Jr.

Chief Burch brought his anxieties to the attention of Roanoke County Attorney Paul M. Mahoney.

What anxieties?

Chief Burch was told that a volunteer EMT is not a virgin – how can she work in Virginia? Clearly, she is mocking the whole State of Viginia, or the state of virginity, or the whole attitude of pretending that humans do not engage in intercourse and that we occasionally even enjoy intercourse. 😳

Captain Renault and I are shocked.

I confess that I am not a virgin, either – not that anyone cares.

OK. She is not just not a virgin, but she temporarily made her living being a non-virgin on camera.

Is Roanoke County Attorney Paul M. Mahoney’s job any more legal than acting in adult films?

However, Roanoke County Attorney Paul M. Mahoney seems to be demonstrating that his job is much less ethical than acting in adult films.

Let’s get her fired, but in a way that nobody will blame us. It would be best if her female chief did the firing, because that would be more politically correct than being fired by a bunch of guys who need to take some Ativan and mind their own business.

Have you two ever heard of the Streisand effect?[1]

Image credit.

An ex-adult film star can be distracting, but so can a lot of other people.

David Lee Roth, of the band Van Halen, is an EMT. He is not known for an ascetic lifestyle. Would it be inappropriate for David Lee Roth to volunteer?

What about someone with a criminal background? Would it be inappropriate for him, or her, to volunteer? Does it matter is the person has committed a misdemeanor, or a felony, or even worse – been elected to Congress?

As far as I can tell, it has not even been suggested that she is doing anything in uniform, or anything suggesting affiliation with the volunteer squad, that is in any way an inappropriate representation of the rescue squad.

Should she have to wear a scarlet A for Adult film star (retired)?


Should each members have to wear a scarlet P for Prude?

Should each members have to wear a scarlet R for Ridiculous?

This does generate a lot of press for Roanoke County, Virginia, just not good press.[2],[3],[4]

Roanoke County Attorney Paul M. Mahoney seems to be providing an excellent example of how to disparage the reputation of volunteer rescue squads using official documents while on duty.[5]

Someone currently getting paid for embarrassing the county is trying to force out a volunteer for previous work in an industry that does not meet his holier than thou standards.

See continuation in Ambulancegirl Makes Unreasonable Accusations in a Comment.


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Official letter to Roanoke Fire Rescue Squad Chief Richard E. Burch, Jr. from Roanoke County Attorney Paul M. Mahoney
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  1. If she can lift a stretcher and drive an ambulance, she can work with me as far as I am concerned, regardless of her previous employment.

    Sounds like the overwhelming majority of the public is on her side. And you are right. This Paul Mahoney is an idiot.

  2. As a paramedic I think we should be held to high standards as public servants. I personally would not want a ex porn star or criminal responding to me. I would not want to have to worry about being sexually assisted or robbed or murdered in the back of an ambulance. As EMTs or Paramedics paid or volunteers the public looks up to us and how can we look professional in the eyes of the public if we higher ex porn stars or criminals! Yes sex is normal but selling it isn’t . Is she really retiring from that line of work! That picture of her with her legs spread wide apart looks like it was made at a fire station! Maybe she needs to find another career one that doesn’t require you to be in the public eye as an upstanding citizen.

  3. Hey ambulancegirl —

    I see what you are saying, but you are leaving out one BIG OBVIOUS problem. If you are a volunteer EMT or paramedic, then you know perfectly well the reputation of MANY females that volunteer in EMS and the fire service. From my 20+ years of experience, sexual morality has NEVER been a prerequisite to be an EMT. In fact, the fire houses and rescue squads around here are full of women screwing firemen for FREE. At least the subject of this article had the financial savvy to make money off of the demand for easy chicks at the firehouse. By your logic, very few women would be aallowed in the fire service or EMS because the morality standards would prevent their participation.

    As for criminals, I am with you. There is no place for them. Period.

  4. So….what?…..If you would some day need an ambulance for any reason, you want them to present a resume to you at your front door to make sure they meet your standards? If this wouldn’t have been brought to the medias attention an she showed up at your door, as long as she did her job, you would not have known the difference.

    I am with CCC, as long as she knows and can do her job, who cares what her background is. And Isay kudos to her!!!

    I have been involved in both fire and EMS for almost 20 years. Longer if you count the fact that I grew up in and around the fire service. And while there were that select few that were clingers, I would not say that it was a majority of women.

    As for the criminal element, most places would be ill advised to hire someone that has ANY kind of criminal background. That is why most places do not only state, but federal background checks as well. Plus there are also the clearances that have to be passed.

  5. You shouldn’t judge people just because they sin differently than you.

  6. I have known alot of emt or patamedics in my day that personally i may not care for or mayot have the best past but they are darn good provideta. I am surely not going to ask for their sexual resume at my side if i need help. Good for someone wanting to be the type to.person to want to help someone. Jason i agree with your comment…. and i guess i have one question and that is how did they know she was an ex porn star…

  7. So a common sense question to pose. If this story would not have been conveniently leaked to channel 7 with instructions for how to google porn who would have known her profession. Unless a patient sat at home goggling for porn or Harmony Rose I would say they would have no idea what her previous profession was. Further more I love you observation that this photo was taken at a firehouse. How on earth did you come to that assumption? Apparently you are quick to pass an uneducated judgement. In this field if you can depend on your partner when the shit hits the fan its irrelevant what their previous profession was. Assaulted you sexually in the back of the ambulance. Absurd. Find something better to do with your time.

  8. A lawyer trying to screw somebody over. Who would of thought??


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