Without evidence of benefit, an intervention should not be presumed to be beneficial or safe.

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Is it OK to kill children in the name of God?


Don’t bother using alternative medicine to make a limb to grow back. Take alternative medicine for things that occasionally resolve without any real medicine.

Then claim “Alternative” medicine did it!

Is it OK to kill children in the name of alternative medicine?

Change that just a little bit and it should be obvious that these people are dangerous.

Don’t bother praying to make a limb to grow back. Pray for things that occasionally resolve without any medicine.

Then claim God did it!

Is it OK to kill children in the name of God?


A Philadelphia couple violated probation after their second child died as a result of them turning to prayer instead of seeking a doctor when the child was ill.[1]


Would these children have lived if they had been treated with real medicine?

Only a fraud will tell you that they are certain about the outcome if something had been done differently, but there is evidence that real medicine works. There is no evidence that alternative medicine works. There is no evidence that prayer works.

Is it in any way acceptable to have children sacrificed to these religions of homeopathy, Reiki, anti-vaccinationism, prayer, chiropractic, or other placebo treatments?

How were they sacrificed?

Any reasonable person would seek medical care for a child if the child is sick.

Two children, so sick that they died, were not provided with any visit to a doctor.

Herbert and Catherine Schaible are already on probation for the involuntary manslaughter of the first child they neglected to death.

Only 2 years into a 10 year sentence of probation and they miraculously have another dead child with no sign of any reasonable attempt to protect their 8-month-old son, Brandon Schaible.

When a judge sentenced Herbert and Catherine Schaible to probation in 2011 for praying over their gravely ill toddler son instead of taking him to a doctor, Herbert Schaible offered a few brief words of remorse and grief, then entrusted his family’s fate to a higher power.

“With God’s help, this will never happen again,” Schaible told the court.[2]


They fell off the wagon pretty quickly.

Why didn’t they seek real medical attention for their sick child on the first day, or the second day, or at any other time before they brough him to the funeral home?

“Because we believe God wants us to ask him for healing,” Lerner quoted from the statements. “Our religion tells us not to call a doctor.”[2]


Third time is the charm, right?

The couple has seven more children that were removed from the Schaibles’ home by the Department of Human Services.[1]


The government is not known for doing a great job of raising children, but this is clearly a case where being raised by wolves might be better for the children.

Consider some other ways that prayer might be used and whether any of us would be foolish enough to rely on these –

I won’t work, I’ll just pray for money to be put in my bank account.

I won’t cook, I’ll just pray for food to be prepared for me.

I won’t clean, I’ll just pray for everything to be cleaned for me.

Real medicine can reattach limbs and attach artificial limbs.

Amputees are still waiting for the first amputee is cured by prayer.


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By Charles Poladian
April 23 2013 10:05 AM
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