Without evidence of benefit, an intervention should not be presumed to be beneficial or safe.

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Anti-Vaccine Legislator Trying to Raise the Cost of Vaccines


Representative Andrea Boland is trying to make it harder to vaccinate children.


She appears to be just another scientifically illiterate person who thinks that chemical names are scary, even though there is no medical justification for her alarmist bill.

Vaccines are probably the safest and most effective medicines we have.


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The measure, LD 754, sponsored by Democratic Rep. Andrea Boland, ran into stiff opposition from doctors, who said that requiring ingredients be disclosed specifically for vaccines — while not imposing similar requirements for antibiotics and prescription drugs — would signal that vaccines are disproportionately dangerous.[1]


Is anyone trying to hide the ingredients of vaccines?

Absolutely not.

The ingredients for every vaccine are available, but before you start making the mistake of assuming that scary sounding names are dangerous, take less than 4 minutes to watch the video below.


Why only the ingredients of vaccines?

To make them seem scary.

In case you think that Rep. Boland is trustworthy, here is what she says about vaccine safety.


“When you read some of [the ingredients], it does sound kind of scary. The provider is there to counsel their patients, and they can assure them that they will not have any serious side effects and it’s the best thing to do.”[1]


It’s the best thing to do.

If vaccination is the best thing to do, why create obstacles to vaccination?

Is Rep. Bolton trying to push some sort of hidden agenda?

Here is the information provided on her government web page.


Occupation: Self-Employed Title Examiner; Independent Nutraceutical Distributor[2]


Rep. Bolton appears to be letting her personal nutraceutical business interests get between her and what is best for the children she is supposed to represent.

If you have a bit more time than the less than 4 minutes it took to watch the video, then listen to a 33 1/2 minute podcast, where Dr. Mark Crislip explains what is wrong with a silly claim by a naturopath.[2] “9 Questions That Stump Every Pro-Vaccine Advocate and Their Claims.” by David Mihalovic, ND. Really?

If you believe that vaccines are dangerous, then you need to listen to this podcast.


[1] Sanford lawmaker wants doctors to disclose vaccine ingredients
By Matthew Stone, BDN Staff
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[2] QuackCast 44. Nine questions.
Dr. Mark Crislip
Nine questions, none answers. An ND suggests there are 9 questions that pro-vaccine proponents can’t answer. Ha. My 12 year old can find the answers.
Podcast in mp3 format – click to play or right click and save to download.

QuackCast 44. Nine questions, none answers. An ND suggests there are 9 questions that pro-vaccine proponents can’t answer. Ha. My 12 year old can find the answers.


The print version, with links to the referenced research, is at the link below.

Nine Questions, Nine Answers.
Published by Mark Crislip
May 07, 2010
Science-Based Medicine