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Update on – Is it OK to kill children in the name of God?


Back in April, I wrote this about the death of the second of the Schaible’s children at the hands of a pastor –

Don’t bother using alternative medicine to make a limb to grow back. Take alternative medicine for things that occasionally resolve without any real medicine.

Then claim “Alternative” medicine did it!

Is it OK to kill children in the name of alternative medicine?[1]


I am feeling much more prophetic than Sylvia Browne at the moment, but everyone should always feel more prophetic than that fraud.[2]

The other trait of alternative medicine is to blame the patient (in this case, the family) for a lack of faith, when the scam fails.

Clark was the spiritual adviser when the Schaibles’ 2-year-old, Kent, died from bacterial pneumonia in 2009, which led to a manslaughter conviction and probation for the couple. And he ministered to them last week when 8-month-old Brandon died, a case now being investigated by police.

In an interview with The Inquirer, Clark said God did not want the Schaible children to die.

Instead, he said, the children died because of some “spiritual lack” in the Schaibles’ lives – a flaw they need to correct to prevent future deaths.[3]


The problem is not with the person selling the scam, but with the people not believing enough.

The Schaibles made the mistake of listening to Pastor Nelson Clark and they killed one of their sons with untreated pneumonia.

The Schaibles then made the even bigger mistake of listening to Pastor Nelson Clark again and they killed a second one of their sons with untreated pneumonia.

Pastor Nelson Clark blames the parents and maybe the dead children.

I blame the parents, but not as much as I blame Pastor Nelson Clark.

Image credit. Pastor Nelson Clark of the First Century Gospel Church.

This human sacrifice is

not the first time that children have died with the help of Pastor Nelson Clark

not the second time that children have died with the help of Pastor Nelson Clark

not the third time that children have died with the help of Pastor Nelson Clark

not the fourth time that children have died with the help of Pastor Nelson Clark

The First Century Gospel Church of Philadelphia’s teachings has clashed with authorities in the past.

In 1991, eight children died in a measles epidemic. All the parents were members of either First Century Gospel Church or the nearby Faith Tabernacle of Nicetown which also preaches faith-healing.[4]


Let’s just say that Pastor Nelson Clark doesn’t have a good record of praying the germs away.

Keep the Schaibles from being in any position to care for any children – ever.

More important is to stop Pastor Nelson Clark from using the children of his congregation to demonstrate that seriously ill children will die without medicine – even with the wonders of modern sanitation. His God apparently approves of sanitation, and automobiles, but not seat belts. Made Up Biblical References 4:20.

Pneumonia is regularly treated successfully by real doctors, especially when recognized early –

The majority of children diagnosed with pneumonia in the outpatient setting are treated with oral antibiotics. High-dose amoxicillin is used as a first-line agent for children with uncomplicated community-acquired pneumonia. Second- or third-generation cephalosporins and macrolide antibiotics such as azithromycin are acceptable alternatives. Combination therapy (ampicillin and either gentamicin or cefotaxime) is typically used in the initial treatment of newborns and young infants.[5]


Pastor Nelson Clark wants to gamble with the lives of your children. If you lose, he blames you.

Are you willing to bet the lives of your children?


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