Without evidence of benefit, an intervention should not be presumed to be beneficial or safe.

- Rogue Medic

1-Union-801 Podcast Discussing Epi for V Tach, Cardioversion, Procainamide, Paralytics During Hypothermia, Quality of CPR, and DNA Transfer


On 1-Union-801 John Broyles and I discussed some things that I had written. I was supposed to be on the podcast two weeks earlier, but I am on duty at the time of the podcast, and I had a call a few minutes before the show. This podcast was not interrupted by any calls.[1]

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Epinephrine for V Tach – Instant Death or Effective Treatment?

What might happen if epinephrine is given for this V Tach (Ventricular Tachycardia)?

Click on images to make them larger. Image credit and article about epinephrine for V Tach.[2]

We also discuss sychronized cardioversion and procainamide.
Other things we discussed (in order) were –

Do Paralytics Improve Outcomes Following Resuscitation?

We want to minimize movement after starting therapeutic hypothermia. Is the use of paralytics the right way to do this?

Un-extraordinary measures: Stats show CPR often falls flat

The author appears to take the comments of Dr. David Newman completely out of context in order to make a point that I do not think Dr. Newman would ever make.

Who is Dr. Newman?



Dr. David Newman, and sometimes Dr. Ashley Shreves, write and podcast about research and emergency medicine. There is an excellent deconstruction of the ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) guidelines and the lack of evidence for the drugs recommended in the guidelines.

The NNT is another excellent site that is here, too.

At Annals of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Newman and Dr. Ashley Shreves present excellent summaries of the articles in each issue. Annals of Emergency Medicine Podcast

I also mentioned Dr. Richard Levitan’s No Desat approach of using high flow oxygen by nasal cannula, which works wonders. Read about No Desat!

Apparent DNA Transfer by Paramedics Leads to Wrongful Imprisonment

Do we use gloves properly?

Is DNA transfer between patients an indication of a lack of use of gloves?

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