Without evidence of benefit, an intervention should not be presumed to be beneficial or safe.

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Does Ignorance Lead to Faulty Assumptions?


Are these paramedics striking a pose?

Based on the quality of the image, it is difficult to tell what is going in in this picture that is supposed to get us to jump to sinister conclusions, but we can still examine the evidence.

One paramedic could be behind the patient, possibly maintaining manual spinal immobilization while they wait for equipment to extricate this apparently stable patient. Why do I think he is stable? They are able to wait for equipment to practice spinal immobilization voodoo, rather than rush him to the hospital.

In the photo, Glover’s truck is clearly smashed into a tree. One paramedic is posing outside of the truck and, when zoomed in, a second paramedic can be seen smiling inside the truck. The victim, said to be Glover, is also inside the truck in the driver’s seat.[1]


Did the paramedics even realize that a picture was being taken?

Since cameras have becomes small enough to put in just about anything, we do not know. We do not, but the people interviewed for this story are certain that they know what happened because of the picture above.

A reasonable person would recognize that a picture does not tell us what is going on in the minds of the people in the picture.

The news decided to make a big deal out of the suspicions of two people who were not even there.

This is Jake Glover. He was driving, passed out, and seems to have tried to kill the nice tree in the picture.

Fortunately, no children were in the area, so this is not a case of vehicular homicide. Jake Glover does not remember anything and does not appear to take any of this seriously. He may even be smiling on camera. It is all on the video.


This is where he was coming from, when Jake Glover drove across this front lawn to attack the dangerous tree.


Compare Jake Glover’s expression with the expression of this paramedic with an apparently neutral expression on his face, possibly looking in the general direction of the photographer. Since he has dark glasses on, we cannot tell what he is looking at.


Did the photographer yell something, hit the horn, or is there more apparatus coming from that direction to assist EMS? We do not know and nobody interviewed has any idea.

This is Raquelle Peters. She was not there, but she is certain that she knows what was going on at the moment that picture was taken – and it was nefarious.


This is Tayler Mihailoff. She was not there, either but she is also certain that she knows what was going on at the moment that picture was taken – and it was just as nefarious as her buddy thinks it was.


Here is Raquelle Peters demonstrating the appropriate pose for EMS when a picture is being taken.

Really. Go watch the video. This is too silly to make up.


Hold on. Is Raquelle smiling in this picture?

This is an out of context image that could be perceived as smiling, especially when approached with the bias of There is evil smiling going on here.


Are these acceptable poses for paramedics?

According to the people complaining, based on their abundant experience with EMS, there are appropriate poses that should be implemented by EMS when someone takes a picture.

Posed picture from seniorjournal.com.

Posed picture from over61.info.

You can tell that the actors on the stretchers are extremely important to the EMS actors, even though the EMS actors are not looking at the actors on the stretchers. You can just tell how serious they are.

Sometimes it is appropriate to look at the patient while posing, but only if the patient is made out of plastic.

Posing paramedics from howtobecomeanemt.net.

Raquelle and Tayler would be so proud.

But this next picture might not be the way for EMS to pose.

Posing paramedics from internetmedicine.com.

Did anyone talk with the person who took the picture to find out what she thought was going on? Did she prompt the paramedics to pose? Did the paramedics seem to know she was there?


We don’t know, but this is news. Should we find out from witnesses or from people who weren’t even there?

There is nothing in the Twitter post about posing.

One person has his back turned and is clearly not posing.

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Thank you to Rachel for the link.


[1] Paramedics pose for photo at crash scene
Posted: May 21, 2014 11:17 PM EDT
Updated: May 21, 2014 11:17 PM EDT
By myFOXDetroit.com Staff



  1. I fear for America… You HAVE to be kidding me, I’d refuse to work in a society so judgmental, and actively LOOKING to create an issue where none may exist.


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