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Baby with cancer improving using chemotherapy does not get worse after meeting Pope Francis


Doesn’t get worse with real medicine? Continues to get better with real medicine?

It’s a miracle!

Who would expect a baby with a benign tumor, that is improving with chemotherapy, to continue to get better after benign picked up by Pope Francis? Apparently, many in the news media expected the baby to deteriorate and die after meeting the pope, because they are claiming that this is a miracle.

Fairy Godmother image credit.

Cancer treatment saves lives and we need to improve the treatment of the many types of cancer that exist, especially the ones that do not respond well to medicine, yet. It is a mockery of medicine and science to avoid giving credit where it is due – to the doctors, nurses, and others involved in the care of this baby.

When the baby was born, she failed a hearing test — the reason her tumor was diagnosed — and doctors were concerned she might not be able to see, speak or swallow. But In December, doctors at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia determined that the rare tumor on her brain stem was benign but still pressing on vital nerves.[1]


She has been receiving treatment since long before meeting Pope Francis.

This summer, little Gianna pulled out her feeding tube, is starting to eat solid food and doctors know she can see. Chemotherapy treatments that she must undergo every couple of weeks have reduced the size of the tumor, though it is still causing paralysis on one side of her face.[1]


If the article is correct, she was getting better long before meeting Pope Francis.

Maybe they wanted to give credit to Pope Francis because of his recent record with cancer that is not benign.

A Phoenix-area teen with a rare form of cancer, and who was blessed by Pope Francis in June as part of a dream granted by the Make-A-Wish Foundation, died early Friday morning, her mother announced. Jazmin Negrete was 15.[2]


If you want to donate to someone helping children with cancer, there are plenty of cancer organizations genuinely improving the care of patients with cancer.

A miracle is something that is not yet explained by science.

Unless we expect people with cancer to suddenly get worse when meeting Pope Francis, there is nothing unexplained about a cancer patient improving with chemotherapy. It is also not a surprise that a child dying of stomach cancer continued to die after meeting Pope Francis.

What is the excuse for the death of Jazmin Negrete? Are the miracle advocates going to claim that she didn’t believe enough? That is what the alternative medicine pushers claim when their miracles don’t work and that is what a lot of religious people claim when prayers don’t work, but is anyone a jerk enough to use that excuse here?

The reality is that there is no reason to believe that Pope Francis had any effect on either of these cancer patients. He didn’t save the child who was getting better before he picked her up and he didn’t kill the child who was dying before he blessed her. That is not miraculous.

It is sad that people are this desperate to reject reality.

I expect that Gianna Masciantonio will continue to improve with appropriate medical care.

My condolences to the family of Jazmin Negrete.


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