Without evidence of benefit, an intervention should not be presumed to be beneficial or safe.

- Rogue Medic

Forcing Nurses Out of Nursing to “Save Money”

There are laws being proposed, and some have passed, to limit the pay for nurses, because the legislators assume that nurses are overpaid. The problem is that healthcare is expensive and that nurses are not treated well by employers – most of whom do not seem to be capable of providing the care that nurses provide.

Who has created this problem? It isn’t the nurses, who are overworked, underpaid, and abused by some of their patients.

But a nurse makes more than a paramedic, so they shouldn’t complain! A nurse generally has more education and more responsibility than a paramedic, so why shouldn’t a nurse make more? Before the pandemic, I told people not to go into EMS, because there are few options in what you do for work and the standards are low.

A quick way of eliminating people, while claiming to be making things better, is to put a pay cap on the people actually doing the work. But which people do we lose with a pay cap?

With a pay cap, we lose the people who hit the pay cap, which means the highest paid people. If pay is supposed to have something to do with ability, we will lose the best employees first – and it is not likely to stop with just a few people, because this is a system that has been failing for a long time.

The increased demands of the pandemic and the attacks from the people who demand that doctors, nurses, paramedics, EMTs, … put up with abuse from the least educated, because of the “Freedom” of the least intelligent, there are not many reasons to stay. We keep telling the best nurses, that it is time to find some other way to make a living, because we don’t want competence – we only want compliance.

The way to make healthcare better is not to cap the pay of the people who do the work.

Why aren’t we limiting at the pay of the people who run things and did a lot to get us into this mess?

If we want to decrease the number of people in beds in the hospitals, we should promote vaccination, masking, and social distancing. The corruption of some politicians, partying without masks, is not a reason to avoid wearing masks, but a reason to enforce the rules without exceptions for the politically powerful.

COVID-19 has killed millions with the help of the anti-vaxers and the anti-maskers. We shouldn’t be part of the group sickening/killing our neighbors, our families, or ourselves.

Vaccines and masks are safe and effective and save lives, if we are smart enough to use them.



  1. “Vaccines and masks are safe and effective and save lives, if we are smart enough to use them.”

    You’re kidding, right?

    • “Vaccines and masks are safe and effective and save lives, if we are smart enough to use them.”

      You’re kidding, right?

      I am not kidding.

      All of the evidence supports what I wrote.

      Some of the politicians support your rejection of reality.

      Try learning from reliable sources, rather than from those profiting off of disinformation.


  2. I’ve remarked to others in my circle that in dealing with the antivaxxers, we were dealing with the simple, the deluded, and the malicious. Two years in, yes, new simpletons join the ranks but there now exists robust education in regardes to vaccination, the deluded are always with us but again that education beats down some misinformation. The malicious are all that remain. The “Freedom Convoy” is antivaxx first and it’s malicious, anti-masking is antivaxx and malicious, policy made eschewing all precautions is antivaxx and malicious.

    My point is that we need to say it loudly, no matter how many feelings are bruised, that these actions going forward are malicious and need to treated as such, including punishments for said actions.

    • Politicians have recognized that there is a portion of the population that has fallen victim to misinformation. These politicians are willing to use that to their advantage, no matter how many people they kill by preventing people from protecting themselves from a pandemic that has killed millions of people.

      The irony is that they are mostly killing their own followers, but with cults there are plenty more to take their places, while that cult lasts.