Without evidence of benefit, an intervention should not be presumed to be beneficial or safe.

- Rogue Medic

Forcing Nurses Out of Nursing to “Save Money”

There are laws being proposed, and some have passed, to limit the pay for nurses, because the legislators assume that nurses are overpaid. The problem is that healthcare is expensive and that nurses are not treated well by employers – most of whom do not seem to be capable of providing the care that nurses provide.

Who has created this problem? It isn’t the nurses, who are overworked, underpaid, and abused by some of their patients.

But a nurse makes more than a paramedic, so they shouldn’t complain! A nurse generally has more education and more responsibility than a paramedic, so why shouldn’t a nurse make more? Before the pandemic, I told people not to go into EMS, because there are few options in what you do for work and the standards are low.

A quick way of eliminating people, while claiming to be making things better, is to put a pay cap on the people actually doing the work. But which people do we lose with a pay cap?

With a pay cap, we lose the people who hit the pay cap, which means the highest paid people. If pay is supposed to have something to do with ability, we will lose the best employees first – and it is not likely to stop with just a few people, because this is a system that has been failing for a long time.

The increased demands of the pandemic and the attacks from the people who demand that doctors, nurses, paramedics, EMTs, … put up with abuse from the least educated, because of the “Freedom” of the least intelligent, there are not many reasons to stay. We keep telling the best nurses, that it is time to find some other way to make a living, because we don’t want competence – we only want compliance.

The way to make healthcare better is not to cap the pay of the people who do the work.

Why aren’t we limiting at the pay of the people who run things and did a lot to get us into this mess?

If we want to decrease the number of people in beds in the hospitals, we should promote vaccination, masking, and social distancing. The corruption of some politicians, partying without masks, is not a reason to avoid wearing masks, but a reason to enforce the rules without exceptions for the politically powerful.

COVID-19 has killed millions with the help of the anti-vaxers and the anti-maskers. We shouldn’t be part of the group sickening/killing our neighbors, our families, or ourselves.

Vaccines and masks are safe and effective and save lives, if we are smart enough to use them.


The Recent Economy as a Bad Relationship

Act I – The seduction. Everyone is willing and eager to overlook a lot in their haste to give that luscious banker what she wants.

Act II – The pregnancy. How did that happen? Reckless irresponsible loans are a bad thing?

ACT III – The shotgun wedding. This will be a merger beneficial to both parties. For a mere $700 Billion you can buy a part of the family business.

Act IV – The divorce. I can’t believe that she didn’t change her ways.

Act V – The alimony. The realization that printing all of that Monopoly money was going to lead to inflation. That would never happen here. That only happens to other countries. Everybody trusts the US Treasury – the most dependable institution in the world. Of course, when you behave as the treasury has been behaving, sometimes you just end up in prison, or . . .

Chapter 11 – The dénouement. What happens in this charming tale of lust, seduction, more lust, betrayal, theft, and redemption?

But if there is a default on the loans, there will be no possibility of redemption.


The Bail Out and Rate Cuts

For a bit of a change of pace, but still with a focus on science – the science of economics. OK, that isn’t science any more than astrology is, but they do get a semi-Nobel in economic science. A bunch of Swedish bankers would never make a mistake. Here is my reaction to the rate cut.  🙂
The Federal Reserve cuts interest rates by only half a percent to 1.0% – WIMPS!
One of the really cool things about the bail out, is that rate cuts do not have to stop at ZERO. We can use the government to subsidize borrowing. If the interest rate is minus 5 percent, the government will reimburse the bank for the amount of money they are paying you to borrow money. 
If the original bail out plan did not appeal to the Huey Longs of the world, this one will. Of course, they will have to come up with some sort of needs testing so that it does not benefit the really rich, but it can put money in the hands of the poor. 
If you structure the loan just right, the interest rate you receive for borrowing the money could cover your payment on the principal and you would never have to pay anything out of pocket.
Sign me up for a few million in loans. I don’t want to overdo it, so I will not ask for more. I will then quit my job, so that the unemployment numbers improve. This is clearly a Win-Win-Win situation. The more money the government gives away, the better for everyone.
Instant Recovery! FDR would be proud.