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- Rogue Medic

Bizzaro Ambulance Driver?

What has happened to Ambulance Driver? Clearly, his post claiming that the Virginia Tech shooting is humorous is just the beginning of a long spiral to Risperdal-dom.

How can he find humor in something that was so painful for the families of those shot?

Let’s read this bit of comedy straight from the horse’s keyboard:

I just noticed on the program that one of the speakers will be James Hyatt, Executive Vice President and C.O.O. of Virginia Tech University.

The title of his presentation? Campus Security and Emergency Preparedness.

The program doesn’t say whether it’s supposed to be informative or humorous, but in any case, it oughta be a short lecture.

Hmm. I’m missing something here.

Where is the inappropriate humor at the expense of the victims?

Where is the lack of compassion?

Where is the Bizzaro Ambulance Driver?

The shooting was a tragedy. Nobody, and certainly not AD, has suggested otherwise. The suggestion of humor appears to be only related to the choice of speaker. Is he the closing ceremony speaker? I could not find information on line about this conference, so I don’t know.

It does make you wonder what they were thinking when inviting the “Executive Vice President and C.O.O. of Virginia Tech University” to speak about this.

With an EMS conference you want to make the topics relevant to EMS. How does this speaker relate to EMS? I don’t think many executive vice presidents and chief operating officers of EMS companies relate to EMS – and that’s part of their job.

If there is a desire to hear about the incident, then the local EMS personnel, those who were in various incident command positions, or dispatchers commenting on dealing with the confusion would be worth listening to.

If this were a conference of school administrators, then Mr. Hyatt might be an appropriate speaker. It isn’t, or has AD been telling us lies about where he is going? Is he leaving EMS for the exciting life of university administration?

Mr. Hyatt may have something worthwhile to say, but in my opinion, the bad taste is that Mr. Hyatt was invited to speak on this topic. I may be wrong. I hope AD has the opportunity to stay long enough to listen to Mr. Hyatt’s speech. It should give him material for a third post that can answer a lot of questions.

No, AD has not lost it.

Perhaps, instead, I should write:

Yes, Virginia, there is an Ambulance Driver.

Although with the success of his diet he is going to have to use pillows to dress up as Santa from now on (or as Barney).